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March 12 2009

Eliza on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight! Airing on ABC tonight at 12am/11pmCT, Eliza will chat up Dollhouse with Jimmy Kimmel.

Eliza and "the Hoff."

Must watch TV ;)
Sweet, more publicity is a good thing. I'd like to see someone on DH do the Colbert report; maybe it would give DH the Colbert bump...

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Joss on Colbert would be hilarious.

But Kimmel is in LA, right? Meanwhile almost all of the late night guys are in New York.
Does anyone know how many viewers Kimmel has?
so I just happened to have today off of work, so I just got a ticket to go to this. I have to be there at 6 PST, which makes me think it shoots no earlier than 7, which is 10 EST. They sure cut it close! It'll finish shooting one hour before it airs!

I will be unable to comment on the show until well after it airs in my time zone however, so y'all should just watch it and discuss. I'll come back then and tell you how Beautiful Eliza still is in person
I am oh-so-jealous, bobw10!
There's no one in the world I'd like to see in person more than Eliza. Love her.
Darnit. I forgot to tape it again. *cries*
Don't everyone in the east talk at once.
WTF. Dude. That clip was from next week's, not this week's, yes? WTF is up with the clip's closing line?
I'd like to have beef with her too.

Guess they just wanted an intriguing clip?
Well, what they probably wanted was a fight scene. They don't appear to have released any fight clips from True Believer, if there even are any.
What? They showed something from "Man on the Street"?

Are there any Youtube-links yet?

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Yep, she's still oh-so-beautiful in person. But she kinda phoned this interview in, seemed like she wasn't completely present, as opposed to most other interviews I've seen of her.

And the Hoff is kinda weird.
That closing line is very intriguing.
Oh man...that was an intriguing clip! I wonder if that was Echo?
Eliza seemed kind of upset or sumthin...i dunno.
Perhaps just mellow? How many weeks of interviews and promoting has she done for Dollhouse?

It was a cool fight scene, but I would have shown a "True Believer" clip, since that's the one she talked about. But Echo did have a nice closing statement. :)

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