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March 12 2009

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz answers YOUR questions (maybe) for PopWatch. spoilers for the rest of the season. Mentions of Castle and Nathan.

He cracks me up. I love how he rips on "Castle" yet shows his love for Nathan. He's got 'nice guy' written all over him.
All right, let me just say one thing straight. [Leans in to speak directly into tape recorder.] Don't worry about it. When it does actually happen, it's not gonna be this post-Moonlighting thing. The show's not gonna go bad. The relationship's not gonna be messed up. You will enjoy it. And you will understand it. And I guarantee you it's not gonna mess anything up. Slow down. Step away from the ledge, people. People on the Internet, step away from your computer keyboards right now. Go get a Nestle Quik drink. Strawberry preferably. Mix it up. Relax. Comfort food for all. [Laughs]

Very DB. He's such a character. I like him, even though his responses can be slightly offensive to me at times. That's just how he is. Very "in the game".
One time in a "Bones" commentary he was joking around with Emily Deschanel. His interviews and commentaries are pretty fun to read and hear.

I'm interested in the health crisis thing. I didn't hear about that before. That and are developments I'll be watching for.

Someone should congratulate him for his second pending Daddyhood.
I got my part of my question, semi answered.

"LUC and RAVENU say that your buddy Christian Kane, now starring on TNT's Leverage, has said in interviews that he'd love for you to helm an episode of that show. Will it happen?

There's a possibility of that. It's up to the Leverage people. I may be out on that, I don't know. They haven't gotten back to me."

I guess we will have to wait and find out. :P
RavenU, you got mentioned! I'm still tickled pink over that.

I'm really into both Bones and Castle, and the two shows don't feel very similar to me at all. Some similar elements, but the dynamic feels very different.
Yeah, just because the basic concept has some similarities (and not even all that many, certainly not many that plenty of other shows don't also have) doesn't mean they can't go in wildly different directions.

Anyway, I'd happily watch two versions of the same show to see both David and Nathan :D
I'm glad he can laugh about Crow.

I know I can't.

edit: Ted Danson's son? Even if he could pull the look off, why would that get anyone into a bar?

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David Boreanaz is so much like those parts where Angel is in his happy puppy mode. I love those parts!

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