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March 13 2009

Amber Benson on Private Practice tonight. Amber Benson Twittered that she will be on Private Practice tonight. Check it out!

Edit: By "tonight", I mean Thursday night. This came up as being posted on Friday due to time zone differences.

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Please punctuate link titles that are complete sentences, cheers!
Aw. I don't want to see beautiful Amber look like that!
Yeah, me neither. But at least she's on TV. I miss her.
About this time zones: What is the one from Whedonesque?
It seems to be 4 hours ahead Brazil, what probably will be England, but then the time should be GMT and not CET. What's CET?
Central European Time. Whedonesque is a Dutch site.
Thanks Simon!
I never knew there was some "padron" time zone for Europe beyond Greenwich.

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