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March 12 2009

'Can't Stop The Serenity' Art Contest Winner announced! And the winner is...

the one I voted for, yay! (Well, myself and many other apparently.) 1300 total overall votes in the contest, not too bad!

Can't wait to see this on t-shirts and posters and the like! (Is it too early to preorder?)

Very pretty! Congratulations to the winner!
Yay ! That's the one I voted for too. The design is way cool and beautiful.
Congrats! :D
Good Choice. Congrats!
ignore me...I was missing something! :)

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Darn. One of the ones I liked least.

Oh well. I certainly don't need another t-shirt.
I like this one lots. I just wish they would print some on white tees once in awhile. My last two black shirts still feel new, as in stiff and not soft at all.
Yay! I, too, voted for this design, and I'm intrigued by the badge (as I bought the 2007 t-shirt [the first year I was aware of CSTS in Des Moines] and really don't need more, but would like to have a memento to add). Does anyone know if badges are available with last year's design? I attended, but don't recall seeing any available to purchase.
I think this is absolutely beautiful... and I'm thinking I'll get one of those badges!
I hope they make stickers.
Kudos to the designer, Don McMillan! This is an excellent piece of design work, and definitely had my vote.
redeem147, you must buy one anyway! For Equality Now! (and to support Designed in Canada!)

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