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March 13 2009

"True Believer" is, um, available at Fox On Demand. That's a bit earlier than expected (ETA: It's now offline).

Thanks wiesengrund for the heads-up.

I give it two hours before they notice.
That's enough time for me to watch. :)
That's crazy random happenstance good! Too bad I have to work during the next two hours.

Although maybe people at the site will take longer to notice that it's up considering that Peter Ligouri (sp?) got fired yesterday from Fox. According to Maureen Ryan at her "The Watcher" site at the Chicago Tribune, this means "all bets are off" in re: Dollhouse's future. I can't quite figure out what she means by this.

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Well, this is what we've previously heard from Liguori on Dollhouse:

Is Dollhouse as bad as we are hearing?

Joss Whedon has an unbelievably loyal fan base, and he really knows how to write to that fan base. I expect that theyíre going to be there. Theyíre going to enjoy his show. One of the things about airing on Friday night, a show is not expected to have those boffo ratings.

So youíre not burying him in the Friday graveyard?

No, Iím not burying him in the Friday graveyard. Iím giving him a little bit of a reprieve by being on Friday.

Seems Liguori's replacement is Peter Rice, which means nothing to me.

Now shush, I'm watching my show! ;) (the work thing isn't really stopping me...)

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Perfect. Right before my last class. Let's hope it's still up in 90 minutes.
Regarding the episode discussion, I think we may just leave that till the discussion thread goes up tonight. So if you have watched it on FOD then just say stuff like "yay" or "nay" and not mention any spoilers in this particular thread (not even using the invisible tag).
More on Peter Rice, from TV By The Numbers:

"Peter Liguori has been an outstanding Fox executive, not only in leading FBC for three seasons, but in his groundbreaking programming that helped build FX into a general entertainment leader. We wish him continued success," Mr. Murdoch said.

"Peter Rice is one of our most talented creative executives, having championed such films as Slumdog Millionaire, Little Miss Sunshine, and Juno during his tenure at Fox Searchlight. As we increasingly look to apply unconventional approaches to our traditional businesses, Iím convinced Peter Rice is the right person to transform our broadcast television business."

Good call, Simon.

I'm halfway through, and I there's no question..."YAY!".
It keeps... skipping every few seconds. It's like it's buffering, but it doesn't pause the video when it happens. I keep losing a second and a half of episode each time. Grrr.
Didn't have any problems with the video.

Done now. That was the kind of show you expect from Joss Whedon & Tim Minear.
This may be a goofy technicality, but shouldn't this post ahve a spoiler tag?

I thought the policy was to use spoiler tags for any information about the show before it airs in the U.S. Since this is, well, the whole show, it's probalby a spoiler (unless this counts as "airing," I guess).
Just finished.

Septimus did you read what I wrote earlier in the thread?
Yeah, I read it, simon.

That's why I said it was a goofy technicality. Maybe it's just me.
Well, I know what the frak I'm watching during lunch...
Yay! Yay! Yay!
I've never been so happy that I couldn't fall back asleep this morning. They should do this every Friday.
Yay. (Not the least of which because I have to go see BSG at the Bagdad tonight since Katee Sackhoff is here for it, and so I would not have been home to watch Dollhouse.)
So that good, eh? I'm saving this for tonight. Way too much work to do right now. Really that good? Yippee.

Lucky you, b!X, with Katee Sackhoff.
This shall be gone shortly
"Shortly" appears to mean "now".

Not surprised...though a bit longer than the 2 hours Simon predicted. ;)

I don't was good, and I'll be watching again tonight. Best ep so far.
Maybe got confused because they had sprung forward their clocks one day instead of one hour.
Was it really a mistake or some kind of promotional thing like when Scifi streamed some episodes of BSG online last year? They did it at least twice, always on Fridays but hours before the actual air-time.
im not commenting on this episode, except most definitely YAY!!!!

but since this is a general thread ill make a general case for the season. i have a theory for the finale.

the video alpha had of "caroline" is itself false and someone inside the dollhouse is doing one of two things: making a video of echo imprinted as some girl "caroline" to give evidence that could bring down the dollhouse (maybe alpha accomplished this task before he escaped?), or making a video of echo imprinted as "caroline" in an effort to throw off ballard, much like victor has been used.

i think if it went either way, that would be really exciting. but mainly i would want to know who in the dollhouse made the video?
also, this episode has my favorite line of the series so far. YAY!
I watched it. There were no commercials which I felt bad about. I will re-watch once they are added. Or in a few mintues and then later when the commercials are added. Also I can't wait to watch this on my big screen tv tonight!! And I can't wait for the episode discussion here :o)

About the episode...Yay!!! um definitely Yay!!
Darn, guess I missed it. The link just takes me to the "Wallhouse" behind the scenes clip. Oh well, I'll see it tonight at 9 on my TV!
I vote a much stronger "yay!" than I expected to!
If we're just sticking with yay and nay, then my vote is definitely yay. Even better than last week's.
Oh I hope you lot aren't making me hopeful only to have those hopes dashed against rocks...are you?
I paused the video this morning when it started because I knew it would be now it's sitting there with the cache memory just begging me to click play. However, I'm afraid to start it on my lunch break because it might not make it past one of those "commercial" segment breaks. I think I'll just bite the bullet and try it...hopefully I'll be back with a "yay" soon.
It's down now. I missed it. Damn crappy cable router! Our internet was down this morning so I wasn't able to get online until a few minutes ago.

Oh, well. I can wait. As long as nobody spoils me (I'm looking at you, you overly chatty tweeties).
Wow, too bad I was at class and missed it. Can't wait for tonight!
Somebody has ripped it and posted it to BitTorrent.
Amazing, considering that nobody dared to leak the pilot for two months.
It looks seriously compressed on BitTorrent. I'm just going to wait until tomorrow.
I think the torrent may be fake. Misdirect, if you will.

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No rocks here, nixygirl. When you see a "yay", you know it's a "yay". And THAT was definitely a YAY! :)
I'm with the "Yay" crowd...I caught at least the first 3/4 during my lunch before it was pulled. I guess it's my own personal cliffhanger until later tonight.
I wonder if Alpha might get his hands on that security guy who keeps trying to kill Echo. Echo can't get killed, because she's the lead, and Miss DeWitt obviously isn't doing anything about the guy.
Well, I just discovered that both T:SCC and Dollhouse have been pre-empted on my cable supplier by college basketball. This does not bode well for the rest of the season. I wish I had been able to watch the episode when it was leaked earlier, as I'm not certain I'll have time tomorrow. Frak.
I just saw someone on Twitter mention a preempt in their area, but they say they're being aired late tonight after the game, so check that maybe?
Thanks, b!x, I'll look into that.
It's available again on Fox On Demand (and now on Hulu as well.)

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