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March 13 2009

What do executive changes mean at FOX mean for Dollhouse and Kevin Reilly? TV By The Numbers says "As for Dollhouse, I seriously doubt it means anything at all."

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Reilly is slated to report to Peter Rice. But with Peter Chernin gone and now Peter Liguori gone as well, that doesn’t seem to bode well for Kevin as it looks like the people who brought him back to Fox are now out.

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I'm just gonna keep talking to myself...

Check the comment from Nick C (emphasis mine):
Kevin knew this was coming and I think he and Pete will get along just fine. Pete is a GREAT choice right now for FOX’s future. The guy knows good creative talent, and he’s smart enough to know to leave talent alone more than others.

With Rice's involvement with Little Miss Sunshine & Juno, I would think he would be open to the type of story-telling Joss has to offer. Am I wrong in thinking that?

And what if all Fridays need is a little push in promo?

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