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March 13 2009

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon comments on Dollhouse episode six. Matt Mitovich gives us some Joss quotes regarding 'Man on the Street', taken straight from the press packet containing the episode (along with Needs). One minor spoiler about the episode.

Nothing hugely news-y--mostly the same "It will rock your socks"-style promotion we've heard. But some new quotes from Joss, and some nice confirmation that the press will indeed receive episode six for reviewing (we weren't sure about this, were we?).

So very glad that the newslies are getting advance copies, so less glad that I am an ex-newslie, since if it's going to get even better, impatient I grow more.
TVGUIDE.COM's MITOVICH here.... The cooler aspect of it all was just the occasional Joss-isms in the obviously-written-by-him memo, e.g. "These two episodes represent a much stronger vision of what I consider the show to be, that's howcome you got 'em." I can't wait to cue up Ep. 6.

Thanks for the link, guys!

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Hrm. If "Man on the Street" is going out, I have to find a way to snag it.
it's almost like it's getting a new newslie launch. Is this par for the course with shows in their first season?
Giving him input on the note was a good move. Is that typical or unusual for when the press are sent episodes?
I know the producers have been asking after sending out previews for eps 6 onwards, so clearly FOX have stepped on board.
I keep reading quotes that promise episode six is where the show gets really good. As someone who has not been disappointed with the previous offerings, I'm hoping this will translate into increased viewership. But will Man on the Street be a confusing cold introduction to new viewers?
TO SUNFIRE: Sometimes, when it's a "very special" episode of something, a producer will author the cover sheet that comes with a screener, touting its merits and usually asking not to reveal certain twists. But usually, they come with just a publicist's note.
peacemonger, Man On The Street directly reintroduces the entire concept of the show, then drives head first into mythology and where the season is going. This was the episode I was hoping would be paired with American Idol.
Thanks for the insight MattMtvg.
I said it once, I say it again. Just have faith in that wild eyed Whedon. He knows how to tell a story.
I wouldn't mind getting screeners of these episodes too, but then again, I'm just a nerdy funny scientist....wait a minute, that's not who I am. Who am I?
Today: episode one of Donnie's Burgeoning Self-Awareness.
Since some member's names are purple and orange, perhaps journalist/commentators could be green?

That way, if Joss and MattMtvg commented on the same thread, it would be like "War of the Gargantuas".
Got to let us know how you like it, when you get it, MattMtvg. :)
We don't use colors in that way.
I think we just did.
Well I guess this answers my endless "when will the critics get..." question. :P

Really awesome they actually did this. Can't wait for the reviews to pop up.
6 episodes in for a total game changer? Will that really bring in higher ratings? Everyone who wants to watch has already started watching.
Maybe those that quit will give it a second chance.
Maybe word of mouth and good press will lure in people who never started.
I know from talking to people, that lots of folks who may have enjoyed some of "Buffy" and even "Firefly" or "Serenity" have no clue that their creator, Josh Wheldon or John Hoyden or whatever his name is, has a new show on the air.

Some additional media buzz might get a few of them, plus curious complete newbies, to watch.

I know this to be the case. I actually got started on "Buffy" because of all the controversy around delaying certain episodes because of Colombine, etc.
The teaser for Man on the Street aired after True Believer is hyping the SHIT out of this ep.
I'm not sure of the time zone thing, but wont this ep be up against (one hour of) the two hour BSG series finale?

I'm glad that here in Hawaii, we get cable shows hours earlier than the mainland. I don't even know if Scifi airs BSG twice on the mainland, as it does here (once at 5 PM, again at 7 PM, now that the mainland is on Daylight Savings Time).

Because not even for Joss, would I miss any of the final two hours of BSG. ;)
Yes it will. People have been dreading the clash for weeks ever since someone did the math and figured out the conflict.

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