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March 13 2009

(SPOILER) "James Marster is coolness as Piccolo". Ain't Cool News has a review of Dragonball Evolution.

James Marsters is always coolness, even when green, with antennae :)
"...however he is on screen for too short time."

Ain't that always the freakin' truth! The lament of many a Marsters fan.

Glad to see a fairly objective review that leans positive. Either way, I'll be there with bells on.
It breaks me whenever I hear about James not being on something enough... it always seems true biggest examples e.g. P.S. I Love You, Numb3rs, Saving Grace *head desk* Smallville (I enjoyed his Q&A with Rosenbaum far more than enduring SV)

I will watch this. Coolness is a great bonus :)
Glad to see positive reviews.. I was skeptical about him playing this role, but just because I like his own face so much.. and I feel sad about seeing too much make-up -that is not vampire make-up- on it! But I've seen some pics, and they really look quite cool actually..'s James, I can only look forward to seeing him on screen...
Needless to say I agree with people who're saying he's never on screen enough!
IMO, James Marsters could be in every scene of everything ever made, and it still wouldn't be enough.
I always thought JM would have rocked the Vegeta role in a Live Action Dragonball Z movie.
Totally agree with Break_Atmo. There's never enough.
I rather like the fact that reviews of almost everything James is in bewail the fact that he wasn't in it more

Of course I'd prefer him to get more screen time but leaving reviewers wanting more is no bad thing
"IMO, James Marsters could be in every scene of everything ever made, and it still wouldn't be enough."

AMEN to that Break_Atmo!!!!

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