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March 13 2009

MidSeason TV: What Should You Watch? According to E! Online, one of the things you should be watching is that "lovable scamp", Nathan Fillion, in Castle. More love for Nathan can be found in the iFanboy Wonder Woman flick podcast (starts at 8:59).

Glad to see Castle getting some good vibes!
I'm watching! And loving it.
According to me online, more folks should be watching Dollhouse.

I do want to catch Castle, though.
Current must-see TV for me is Castle on Mondays, Lost on Wednesdays, and Dollhouse on Fridays. I still watch Heroes much like I'd rubberneck at a car wreck, with guilt and shame and a fear I'll end up in another car wreck. Oh, and Lie To Me is still in there somewhere, although the novelty's already wearing thin. A friend has me hooked on True Blood now, but I don't know when that's starting up again.


About what I said before, about the novelty wearing thin on Lie To Me? I just watched the latest episode called "Do No Harm" and I have to eat crow. I humbly stand corrected.

Lie To Me has kicked it up a notch. No longer using their gimmick as merely a crutch. If you haven't started watching Lie To Me yet, I'd recommend watching "Do No Harm" and then going back and starting at the beginning. The guy with the dark curly hair has refused to tell a lie most of his adult life. That's the only thing you really need to know to hit the ground running. The rest of it you'll figure out.

Like Joss Whedon often says, the first several episodes of a first season are always pilots. You have to explain what you're doing to the new audience each time. Lie To Me's no exception. So far I think they're doing pretty good.

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The ads for Better Off Ted are hilarious. I'll definitely be tuning in for the premiere. Kings sounds interesting too.
I'm going to be kinda' lost when BSG ends next Friday, none of the new shows have really captured my interest as of yet. Still waiting for Joss to pour the charm with "Dollhouse" and "Lost" is starting to peek my curiousity.

Sigh...Bored now. Think I'll check out what Zachsmind discovered.
Kristin at E! Online used to be a great fan of Buffy's and a supporter of all things Joss, but she's been pretty quiet about Dollhouse since its premiere.
Oh Castle was great. Pity the ratings weren't very good - guess America still isn't ready for fun, but want bleaker fare.
Give it a year or two.

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