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August 24 2002

(SPOILER) Buffy Xbox Game review. IGN reviews the Xbox game and gives it an overall score of 8.2. Oddly, they think SMG's voice double does the best job portraying the character despite the fact that all the other voices are done by the original actors.

(Rest of post contains possible spoilers for S7)

I haven't played or even seen the game, but read an interesting observation on the Stakehouse mailing list. In the game, it is suggested that Buffy is of the same blood line as The Master.

So she's committed incest twice?

How Star Wars.
i am so getting an Xbox
I'm not into gaming, wish I could watch the game like a movie.
Was anyone else a little disturbed with the reviewer's description of Xander as lecherous? :o

I'm kinda torn on the whole "getting an XBox so I can play Buffy."
On the one hand, I really would like to play the game. My old apartment was robbed and my PS2 was stolen, so I've been thinking about replacing the stolen game console.
On the other hand, if I buy an XBox, it will be solely to play Buffy. As a disgruntled PC user, I'm not really thrilled about coughing up more money for Microsoft to line their pockets with. But I guess the "giving money to Microsoft" doesn't matter so much, cos I'll probably wind up selling it on Ebay in six month's time. :D

What to do, what to do? *sigh* ;)

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