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March 15 2009

Tim Minear Discusses "True Believer" On Sofa Dogs Podcast. John Pavlich and Tim Minear discuss "breaking the "cult" story, the importance of building a solid foundation for a script, "playing blind" and how to make exposition sound natural."

Oh are others watching/listening to this now? Because it is awesome (as we would expect from Tim Minear). It is full of insights into this episode, but also into the show over all.... I really love this podcast/commentary! Huge kudos to John Pavlich!
I am listening and I am enjoying it. It's like a musical commentary without the singing.
zeitgeist, it may be worth saying in the headline this is a full blown commentary of the episode.
I'm impressed with how much thought Tim Minear put into the plot, it was interesting how he said he had issues with other episodes where it wasn't really clear why an Active would be required.

That would be great if he does post the shooting script like Tim offered.
Excellent podcast; am listening to it now. It'd be great if people had the time to do this for more episodes, but alas there's only finite time in the world. Reminds me of Ron Moore's BSG podcasts.
That was good. It was probably a combination of knowing Tim Minear's track record to give a good commentary and that the episode was so great, but I wouldn't have clicked to listen to a commentary of the previous 4 episodes.
Fantastic! That's both the episode and the commentary. Really enjoyed listening to this, recommend it to anyone.
CaptainB, I think it depends on who is doing the commentary. We all know that Tim Minear really knows how to communicate and entertain, but I think I would enjoy a commentary by Joss (on any of the first four episodes, or on anything at all) even more!
I think Nathan should do a commentary on Dollhouse. Just because I say so. Maybe with Alan!

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