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March 15 2009

James Marsters' March Q&A. This month's topics include acting, Shakespeare, and personal habits and attitudes.

Short but sweet :) and nice to get a Q and A despite James' hectic schedule . And, talking of that schedule; The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Dragonball Evolution opened at #1 in China,South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore and #2 in Japan this weekend.
Reading up on the Q&A's I missed before, and realized that James is a political news junkie. I did not know that.
That is #1 international film in those markets not actual #1 of films playing in that market. It was #2 in S. Korea over all, the #1 film in S. Korea, was an in country made film, translated called "A Sad Story Than Sadness".

KOFIC is the offical group that reports the box office numbers for Korea and that is where I got my information from.

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According to various box office sites the numbers quoted seem to be actual market placings rather than international films in these markets.

Korea is indeed now registering at #2 on some charts

The Korean info came from here

"``Dragonball: Evolution,'' the Hollywood adaptation of the internationally loved comic, topped the South Korean box office during its opening weekend after its world premiere here March 12, according to 20th Century Fox Korea.

Real-time tallies of nationwide ticket reservations by the Korean Film Council showed Sunday that the action flick held an iron grip on the number one spot over ``More Than Blue' despite the tendency of romantic films to dominate on White Day weekends."

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