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March 15 2009

(SPOILER) Major Dollhouse Spoiler: Picture of Alpha? It seems that a certain casting rumor suddenly carries a lot more weight. This is a site showing set designs from Dollhouse, and a certain page shows "the lair of a madman". Complete with said madman. ETA: Pic now offline.

Well... so there ya have it. On the one hand I'm excited. But on the other I'm not 100% ready to give up my Ballard-is-Alpha idea. *shrug*
Oh wow. When I heard the rumours, I wasn't sure if the actor was suited to the role. But seeing him in that scene... Wow.
The lair of a madman. This is a place where very bad things happen to people who do not deserve it.

The knife and the hostage kinda gave that away, but yeah. Badness.
He's listed as Alpha on imdb now.
But...but...Alpha was a brunette in the pilot. Unless that wasn't Alpha? Maybe it was the guy who is hostage here?
I have no self control. None. And now I really reget looking at that picture... oh well. Life goes on, and I was pretty happy bout that "certain casting rumor" anyway.

Those are gorgeous sets. Even the lair's very interesting, and it could've been just so much foreboding basement stuff.

Also I'm pretty sure Alpha's going to be deeply scary, looking at that photo. Yikes.
Yay, !

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Is it worth seeing? I don't know if I can wait!
Does anyone remember the casting sides? Because that picture of him reminds me of one of them. I'd be a little less vague if I knew how to do the invisi-text thing.
Honestly, I don't understand why the casting of Alpha is seen as a major spoiler. He's a guy who we haven't seen yet. But that was more or less obvious, right? What he looks like isn't really a plot point.
Racoon Boy, instructions are here.
Unless we do see him before he's revealed to be Alpha.
Yes, but there was one Dollhouse fansite who ruined it for me. They put the picture in the main page. I think it's safer as a spoiler.
Honestly, I don't understand why the casting of Alpha is seen as a major spoiler. He's a guy who we haven't seen yet. But that was more or less obvious, right? What he looks like isn't really a plot point.

This. Who cares what he looks like or who the actor is. That's not important and not really meant to be a big mystery. Its the CHARACTER and his ROLE in the story that's important, not what he looks like. To me, this isn't a spoiler at all.
Knowing the identity of the actor playing him means that if Alpha enters the plot pretending to be someone else, and the writing doesn't give that away until a climatic moment later, the viewer is in fact spoiled for part of the story.
Again... Unless he is suposed to apear in episode, lets say, 7, and play a character named Jummy Pfiffengerstin and you are not suposed to kno w that he is Alpha..

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What sunfire said. (i was a bit late)

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What sunfire said. (i was a bit late)

Which is also what I said earlier. ;)
Put another way, knowing that Enver plays Victor was a spoiler for some people who missed or forgot the early promotional photos showing Enver as an Active and who watched the first few episodes thinking Lubov was really who he seemed to be. Victor's the first of (I suspect) many mindfuck moments to come.

People were asking about Enver's apparent reshuffling of cast role here for awhile and people who knew what was going on were fairly careful to avoid answering the question or to give an answer that satisfied curiosity but didn't give the ruse away. I think someone posted the answer invisibled since it was a point of confusion that was really bothering a few people and kept coming up.

Similarly, people have speculated that Miracle's recasting as Mellie might just no such thing, she's just November on long-term assignment. Illusions of identity and plot twists about who people really are are big parts of this show's thematic structure so who's playing Alpha potentially carries a lot more weight as a revelation than the same information would for a different show.

Joss went so far as to lie about it when directly asked at a convention, so I don't think we're wrong in thinking this is important information. Unless he's just practicing for Cabin.
But...but...Alpha was a brunette in the pilot.

So was I... once.
He was in disguise! As a... naked homicidal madman.
He looked like a blond to me. And Alpha was certainly blond in The Target.
Does he look insanely hot in that photo or is it just me?
UPDATE: The link seems to be down. Bummer.
Seems it's been taken down?
Yep, darn. Looks like someone what's to save us from ourselves. lol!
Even with that particular picture down, I'd say go look anyway. Some neat pictures of Dollhouse and Angel sets remain.
I hope nobody got fired.
I hope someone got a mirror of it. Also, I'm still hoping for Sean Maher.

edit: These ANGEL sets are still cool. The Hyperion was a fully built lobby!

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Wow, ok, almost all the Dollhouse photos are now gone. Even seemingly innocuous ones. Chinese restaurant? Really? Echo at a mansion?
I want to see the picture! Anyone grab it?
Ugh....I check this site so often, and now the picture is gone? How frustrating. Did anyone save it? I'd love to see it! I don't really imagine it will spoil any plot points for me. And if it does, I'm OK with that.
I don't get it. The picture is gone, can anyone just say what exactly was in the picture??? Is it really who we thought Alpha is?
You can still view the photos, if you get a bit creative with it. I'll try to avoid any trouble, but I will say that most people tend to follow a pretty obvious formula, when naming their files, especially their photo files...
Smiling thru teeth! I told you.
Knuckleball, cryptic much?? But I *finally* understood what you said, managed to see the photo, thanks. But really, didn't we already know that? When I read the topic I thought it was a completely different person and that the casting spoiler was a mislead.

Also, who said the naked guy from the pilot was Alpha? It's all speculation, that guy could be anyone.

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Is it really who we thought Alpha is? Maybe it is. Maybe I'm Alpha. Maybe you're Alpha. Don't we all have a little bit of Alpha inside all of us? And, more importantly, doesn't Alpha have a little bit of us inside of him? The answer to all of these questions is "yes," or "no," or "maybe," or "that question doesn't even make sense!"
Ummm, yeah could someone PLEASE tell us (in invisible-ness) who/what was in the photos? Cuz, I missed it and now it's gone and I don't know what you mean, knuckleball. I don't know how to be "a bit creative". And I don't believe ya, b!X, sorry.
What I found most interesting was a certain prop that was present in Alpha's lair. I think we could definitely be in for some frightening mindfucks.

Since my previous instructions were a bit vague, highlight below:

Okay, it wasn't , it was .
The picture is here

edit: picture was taken down

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Thank you for being more specific, Knucklehead. I'm a little computer illiterate and I need help sometimes.
And thanks danielgm86 for the link as well.
And thanks for that mental image, b!X; traumatizing (since we saw the naked man-ish butt of Alpha).
I'm not sure if these pictures will be online for long, could someone from Dollverse save them and post them there maybe?
Here, there be tigers.
Thanks for the links, Knuckleball.

I wasn't spoiled by this because I had inadvertently seen Alpha's identity elsewhere a while ago. Pretty cool lair. I do hope that we won't see Alpha introduced as "Jummy Pfiffengerstin" first. That'd be a bummer (including having to pronounce that name!) But oh well. What will be, will be.
I'm hearing that is exactly how it will go down. Alpha being Alpha will be a twist on the lines of Dobson and Angel.

edit:@KnuckleBall, I think we're all expecting it will come into play. But now it's just a Red Scare, as we'll all be assuming anyone and everyone is one.

double edit: Man, properly lit, these places don't look scary at all.

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[code]This makes me happy.[/code]
First comment I ever had to remove. That'll teach me not to read the rest of the comments first...

Thanks for the links, Knuckleball.

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Alpha is played by ! The lair is a dark and dangerous .
And the link is now

Edit: the one posted by

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I sure hope this whole escapade didn't get Mr. Harman into hot water.
Anyone here have an iPhone? Because I have no idea how (if it's even possible) to see the invisible text with my phone.
Well, this really stinks; I got here too late and I have no idea who it is, and I love spoilers. Oh well.
spikeangellover, you can read WHO it is from previous posts, just not what they look like in the role...I'm bummed about it too.
Uh, I guess I'm dense, TOASTERslayer, because I went through the posts again and I don't understand. All the links are gone.
This is the worst kept secret in showbiz. Well, okay, that's a lie, but since IMDB has Alpha down as BLAH BLAH I'VE TAKEN THIS NAME DOWN, I think a lot of people probably already know, and don't know they're spoiling each other.


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Anyone here have an iPhone? Because I have no idea how (if it's even possible) to see the invisible text with my phone.

Illyria | March 16, 05:57 CET

Just played with mine.
Won't be possible in Mobile Safari until firmware 3.0 (July-ish)
When we get c/c/p!

The sneeky photos seem to have been erased off the server as well as the pages they were on.:(
Is the "Dollhouse" Title the official type?
It doesn't look right to me...

P.S. Who do I talk to (or pay) to get a iPhone icon put on the server so there is a pretty icon to touch for these awesome discussions?
129x129 PNG labeled "apple-touch-icon.png" <--in the root of your web documents(thank you)
Okay, I think I figured it out, but I don't see anything on imdb either. Thanks for the hint, Gossi.
Okay, I'm an idiot. I've checked IMDB and although they've got the actor down, they've done it in a way where it's not immediately obvious.
Okay, I thought it was me; don't see it on the IMDB Dollhouse page, but when you go to the actor, it's listed. At least that's the only place I see it. If it's in the series page it must be buried somewhere that I'm not seeing.

Scratch that, it's listed under the episode.

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Should I take my previous post down? I guess I'm adding to the hints?
Curse you Joss! Using Firefly alum to get me slightly more interested in this show.
Guess not, the hints continue.
The pic of Alan doesn't seem to be there anymore so I've added a caveat to the entry.
Bleh. None of the links are working for me.
Well, yes, that's because, as the thread says, they took it all down. ;)
And I wouldn't rely on IMDB pages for serious casting news. The user content element makes it a bit iffy. They had David Boreanaz appearing in Charmed after all.
And as one of the sisters, no less.
Advanced warning, somebody has grabbed these pictures and posted them elsewhere on a Dollhouse fan site. (Not mine).
link to pictures (deleted)

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I would imagine if they've been taken offline, they've been taken offline for a good reason. So probably not the best idea to post links to where the pics can be found.
Good grief this site is getting just like the government..taking care of the little idiot people that can't think for themselves.
rehabber: if you have a problem with the running of Whedonesque, at least have the courtesy of emailing us about it per our rules.
Am I totally insane, or didn't we get a fairly clear look at Alpha at either the end of True Believer, or the trailer for the next ep? I definitely recognized him, unless I'm having psychic dreams. ;)
And can I just say Yay! Gotta love casting against type, ('verse type anyhow, I'm kinda unfamiliar, otherwise) when the actor is almost certainly good enough to pull it off.
He played a paedophile in CSI. I haven't seen the episode but I heard he freaked some fans out.
He freaked me out in that episode, Simon. A lot. Still, a creepily pathetic pedophile (how he played it) is a different kind of beast than what Alpha seems to be. It'll be interesting to see how he pulls it off. I'm sure he will.

Shey, *did* we get a clear look at Alpha? Bizarre. I hadn't noticed that.

Also, I'd swear they haven't been using this actor to "play" Alpha so far - you know, in the nudie scenes, shot from behind. It just doesn't...look like his physique. How would I know that? Not from up close experience, I assure you. Still.
Yes, he can definitely play creepy guy. I think this is going to rock.

And about IMDB: Yesterday, he WAS listed on the main Dollhouse page. It seems to have been taken back down. But it is still listed on his page.

It seems a stand-in was used in the first ep for the scenes of Alpha from the back, but on the side views, where he is handling the photo, it does appear that it could be him.

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I'm so disappointed I missed it. Plus I'm lacking the will to search it out where ever it may be hiding online now.
OK I'm covering part of the screen with my hand now as I write this: can someone tell me if we're going to find out who Alpha is in the next episode or two? (Not sure how you'd know that, something in the pictures or something :p) It's just that I've avoided the spoiler so far, but I don't think I'll be able to do it for more than a week or so, so if it's an episode 13 reveal or something I might as well get it over with.
ThorpeWithoutShrimp - No, you won't.
Is it actually known when Alpha first appears? I don't think it is.

Edit (slightly reworded).

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There's a quote where Joss said something like we come face to face with Alpha in the last episode, so that suggests Ep 13, but who really knows. And I didn't see the quote sourced, either.
Yeah, I was wondering when he's actually going to show up. I can't wait to see him on the show.
Well, I blew it (dammit gossi)... but I couldn't be happier.

Just hoping he doesn't play a side character or something a few episodes before it's revealed he's Alpha, though it wouldn't be a Whedon series without me getting a big honking spoiler. Thanks to Alyson Hannigan's wiki page I watched the first three seasons of Buffy knowing Willow would go from "a shy wallflower to a powerful lesbian witch".
gossi - it is known to some ;).
Thorpe - sorry! I've reworded my post ever so slightly.
Haha, no worries. I was actually under the bizarre impression that it was going to be and that after quickly scanning the original thread comments, so it was probably best I got put out of my misery.
The episode/s he appears in is/are on his imdb page, if anyone is interested.
Just to say it - if you were Mr. Whedon, and you wanted to do a brain %$@# on your fans and lead them down the wrong path, who would you turn to as a partner in crime? I'd go to Nathan Fillion, myself, but if he were locked in a Castle somewhere, I know where I'd go next.

Personally, I thought the story was going to reveal that the person we saw at the end of Episode 1 was NOT Alpha, but was instead Victor - who was really behind what happened when Alpha escaped. I thought we'd find out that Victor is the one that remembers things, and that he put a crazy persona in Alpha and set him free...
When will we be properly introduced to Alpha?

Although, as ThorpeWithoutShrimp said, it might be well possible, that he will play a side character for a few episodes before it's revealed that he's Alpha.
Unless he's impersonating someone already. My money is on Adelle's assistant.
He can't be impersonating somebody in the DH, because they would notice him. Unless he's very, very good at wigs and cross dressing. In which case, he's Echo!
My money's on someone Echo (or maybe Boyd) runs into on assignment.

Might be more fun if he runs into Paul first though. I suspect they have a bit in common.
Gossi, couldn't he have downloaded his own mind into someone else? Someone no one would recognise?
zz9, SHUSH! (OH NO! the possibilities)
zz9 said:
Gossi, couldn't he have downloaded his own mind into someone else? Someone no one would recognise?

Yeah, and maybe he'll put it into a 3 year old child.
Pics are up on IO9, if anyone wants to see. What naughty little scamps they are.
I found this interesting.. it could be wrong, BUT.

According to IMDB, the episode with Alpha in it is called 'Omega', which is episode 12, not the finale. Only 6 weeks to go!
Pics are also up on Spoilertv :D
I totally missed originally. Whoa. This is going to be AWESOME.
"Couldn't he have downloaded his own mind into someone else? Someone no one would recognise?"--zz9

I think there was a scene between Topher and Dr. Saunders (or maybe it was Topher and Adelle) an episode or two ago where they say Alpha had the intelligence and ability to pull that off.
"Downloaded his own mind into someone else"...

I don't think the technology works that way - it's more about making bodies act like other people, than it is about being ale to "switch bodies". He might be able to make a doll act like him, but he wouldn't be able to actually experience things from their point of view.
If one can imprint a blank slate doll with a made-up personality, why couldn't one imprint a blank slate doll with a real personality -- you'd have to in order to restore a doll's original personality at the end of their term anyway.

Granted, in the hypothetical Alpha scenario being pondered here, it would first require dumping his personality into the computers, blanking out his own body, and then imprinting someone else's blank slate body with his personality, and then after the assignment, reversing it to put his personality back in his own body.

Not the sort of thing someone could do alone. So if Alpha's put this into action, he's got help.

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