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March 15 2009

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion Introduces IGN to Castle. He answers questions about Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse, Firefly etc. Nice pics too.

Middle aged women as Dr. Adam Mayfair from Desperate Housewives.

Greatest sentence ever.
Well, Nathan should've asked the writers to add a line in "Castle", about not liking to sign body parts or body parts photos .
I find it interesting that IGN interviewed Nathan about Castle especially when they gave the most negative review of all.

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"Of all" compared to whom, Spacegirl3200? As someone who writes for IGN (though I didn't conduct the interview nor write the review), I think you might want to check out the metacritic score for Castle, where you'll see far more negative reviews than the 7.6 out of 10 we gave it.
It is an overall negative article, by that I mean the text and not the score. Yet the score is above average, and even a positive one. Why the disconnect? There was either something that the reviewer really liked about the show but didn't want to share, or it is another example of score inflation by IGN.
Regardless of the score (which equates to "Good" on our scale, and nothing more - as it says right next to the score), the text in Matt's review is not nearly as harsh as several listed on metacritic and certainly not "The most negative review of all."

And either way, we love Fillion.
Now that you kindly point out some more negative reviews, I am now finding Matt's review as no longer "The most negative review of all" to simply one the harsh ones. Candy coat it all you want; I still find it a simply very negative review which somehow translated to a "Good" score on IGN.

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I'm enjoying Castle. Second ep was better than the first. Don't frankly care what IGN has to say about it.
He gives good interview! I'm loving his Castle deal, watched it last night and it had me laughing. It's so fun. I'm new to all this Fillion-ess, as I wasn't around or interested during the original Firefly furor-- too busy being bratty about my main girl Buffy and my perceived abandonment by the only one I wanted wielding the pen. (And I still maintain-- THREE shows on the air at once!?) Anyway, spoiler warning, Firefly turned out to be awesome. Bittersweet pill considering it was long canceled and far post-movie that I caught it all on DVDs.

And after all of that, I think Fillion may just be my favorite Whedonverse actor to ever emerge from the shows. I love him in every single thing I've caught him in since, from Waitress to Dr. Horrible, and now Castle. AND I like his interviews too. His enthusiasm is so contagious. My sister has already traded in her Spike and Angel T-shirts for Captain Hammer. I am not sure if I'm ready to go that far, but he makes it seem so appealing. I will attempt to restrain myself from asking him to sign my body parts, if I ever see him.
At Dragon*Con last year, Mr. Fillion tossed a signed potato to the girl standing next to me in line for the elevators. Oddly enough, it was signed by Sean Astin. I'm not sure how that relates to signed body parts, but it came to mind... *shrug*
It's not that odd really, Sean Astin is pretty popular with potatoes, I bet they're always rolling up to him asking to be signed.

Liked 'Castle' well enough but Nathan was a pretty big part of that. More originality and maybe a bit more of the meta awareness they showed tantalising glimpses of in the pilot would make it a bigger hit with me (that said, it has mainstream appeal written all over it so I hope it's a huge hit for him).
WSS, re: Castle.

(yep, this was my most efficient en possibly most useless whedonesque post to date ;))
'Castle' actually went up in ratings this week which almost never happens in the second week of a new show.
EricG said:

Regardless of the score (which equates to "Good" on our scale, and nothing more - as it says right next to the score), the text in Matt's review is not nearly as harsh as several listed on metacritic

How to say "Good" in IGN-ese:

It's hard to venture out from a critically acclaimed and beloved Joss Whedon series like Firefly and head into fluffy network shlock land, but Nathan Fillion is attempting the leap. For those of us who might be tuning in to hear him spout off some meaningful dialogue, both poignant and humorous, like he did as Captain Mal, then Castle will come as a big letdown. For those of us who might just be glad that an actor that we appreciate has landed a lead role on an ABC crime series, Castle will merely serve to satisfy our "Fillion fix." But just for the time being. This show might wear thin very quickly. Castle might be meant to be breezy and light and, dare we say this in our current television climate, fun - but it's still hard to evaluate this show purely on its own merit knowing how good Fillion can really be when given expert material.

Reading that, I don't think "Good." "Damning with faint praise" is more like it.

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