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March 15 2009

Joss and Eliza at SoHo Apple Store podcast finally up (iTunes link). Thanks to Rachelkachel mentioning it in the old thread, the Apple Store has finally posted the audio of this appearance in NYC from a month ago.

Still don't get why she didn't show up at NYCC like, the day before.
Well iTunes drove me crazy with software updates, but I'm finally getting to listen and it is very fun! I'm so glad they made this available.
Joss is so incredibly gracious about these promotions and interviews. One can hear in his voice the exasperation he could so easily show with the process, but he manages to pull out the funny and make yet more entertainment for us all.

Oh, dear. My listening to the podcast was simultaneous to my writing of this comment, and the interviewer just got to asking the oh-so original "So, Eliza, is this show's premise a metaphor for your acting process and life?" Blech. How do people like this find their self-value?
That was pretty neat! Not a lot of stuff I didn't know before, but to sum it up:

Good stuff.

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Yeah, i really wish she could have been at NYCC a day earlier because i couldn't make it to this event because of classes. :(. Glad i finally got to listen to what went on, though.
Thanks for pointing this out.
I didn't realize podcasts came with nice slideshow photos that advance while the audio is running.
Huh. Mine doesn't. Unless I've turned some setting off without knowing it.
I don't get the photos either, but the audio is awesome. Thanks for posting.
Make sure you are showing available images... the far right button in the row on the bottom/left of your iTunes window. The button should look like a square with a triangle pointing down for the slide show to appear.
Then you can double click it[slideshow] to make the slide show ["selected item"] fit to screen, double size, actual size, half size

In my iTunes Preferences I have movies and music videos to show up in a separate window, that is why this did not show up at first. Great to have this. It was a great item to look/hear post fourth episode. I wonder, due to what was discussed if FOX asked for it not to be released 'til after the fourth episode.
Is this available outside the US? The link takes me to another iTunes page.
Like Wilhelm said, it is the "cover art" box in the lower corner of iTunes.
In my case, I was playing it on my iPhone, and my keen powers of observation noticed that something was different every time I looked at the screen...

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