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March 16 2009

The latest issue of Slayage is now online. The 27th volume has four essays about the Buffyverse and an announcement about The Whedon Studies Association.

I think I have some reading to do. :)
Oh goodness, that was a good read! Thank you, Simon.
Its always a good read. Some articles are better then others though.
Some articles are better then others though.

Satai (with Punsch)

Sorry didn't resisted the teasing ;) , but you're right. I just read few of the Slayage essays, especially the ones the gone to the Buffy and the Filosophy book (yeaih, one of the rare ones translated for Portuguese). In the book, the first works are better (The one where Faith kicks Nietzsche and his uberman butt is great!) then they're beacaming weaker till the ones of religion that were bad.
It's been a while since I read it but I agree. Will have to read it again though to be sure. Speaking about such books, I realy like "Joss Whedon the Existentialist" by Richardson and Rabb.

Translated? Thats impressiv. Must be some Whedon-fan with commections to the Portugise publishing world there?
I don't know about hte connections, but it is more impressive if you notice that only other 4 Buffy/Angel related books were translated in Brazil: Blooded, Power of Persuasion, Not Forgotten and City Of
I belive Portugal has another titles as "Halloween Rain", but i'm not sure.
I go to Adelaide University and the University of South Australia is literally "next door" Awesome! :D I had no idea a home grown University would be a part of this.
As I recall, Joss was very vocal with this episode. Think I understand why.

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