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September 01 2003

The BBC says there was a Buffy Prequel Anyone know anything about it? Was it ever seen again?

According to the BBC:

The first time [Welcome To The Hellmouth] was shown in America, it was preceded by a short trailer that referred to previous slayers such as Lucy Hanover (who now regularly pops up in the Buffy books and comics). This has never been shown again in America and has never been seen overseas.

It would be great if this could turn up on some DVD as an extra, but I've never heard it mentioned in all my time as a Buffy obsessive, ahem, fan.

Hey I swear I didn't post this four times!

And I can't delete the extra ones!

All I did was preview. When I saw there were two, I went to "edit" which has says I can "edit or delete" -- but I can't delete!

I do apologise.
Not that I'm condoning any kind of piracy, but you can download the trailer for the "Lucy Hanover" pre-Buffy Buffy. One could download it from Kazza by doing a Buffy search for all files. It reminds me of what they might have shown tv execs to get them on board with the show. There's also an Angel preview, which involves clips from the first season while David Boreanaz (sp?) does narration. It's interesting to see. I've seen claims on the unaired pilot listed on e-bay, but I have no idea if they're legit.
You can find the unaired pilot on Kazaa too.
Didn't the old WB BtVS website have some text and pictures relating to the stories of the previous slayers?
It's referring to the 2 or 3 promos that ran a while before Buffy, the current series, started in THE WB. These promos are really rare, but are very cool.
These promos retold tales of some slayers from the past, which included Lucy Hanover.
At the risk of maxing out a poor Frenchman's bandwidth:

Scroll down to the lower half of this page

and you'll find a full transcript (French and English) and a 10 MB MPEG.

You're welcome. :-)
Vamp_insurance - you are da bomb, but I couldn't get the frigg'n download to work. Maybe we maxed his bandwidth already, but at least I know what I'm looking for now.
Yeah the unaired pilot has been floating on the net for a while. I've had if for almost 2 years now I think. You can easily get it on Kazaa for example. And you're not stealing much since it's not for sale to begin with. It's pretty interesting, but really not a 'Buffy prequel'. More like a cheap, short rough sketch of the pilot. Willow is a different actress. No special effects or music. You almost have a feeling of being on the set.
Don't wait for that to come out on DVD though. Joss has vowed that will never happen since he loathes it now. He hates the fact it got on the net, hehe.
Those promos are news to me too. Sounds interesting.
I'd swear that they had the Lucy Hannover and other slayers intro to WTTH the first time round on the BBC in the UK.
I've seen the half hour unaired pilot too, and I think I burned a copy on CDR somewhere but I don't have a place to host it on the 'Net so please don't ask me for the copy. As has been said it is still available on Kazaa.

Many scenes are almost word for word the script used for WttH and Harvest. The scenes between Buffy & Giles in the library are similar, although the book Giles plomps down on the counter is different (VAMPYR is more prominent in the final version). There's one scene outside in the courtyard which is actually a combination of what becomes three or four different scenes in Welcome to the Hellmouth. Jesse is noticeably absent. Xander bumping into Buffy and discovering her stake is much more hokey and staged in the unaired pilot. Danny Strong makes a brief appearance outside the Bronze. He even has a line. The bit about Willow leaving the Bronze with a Stuck-In-The-70s vampire is still there. Willow uses a... well I don't wanna give the end away but it's remarkably different and features special effects which match the kinda stuff you'd find in short subject Atom Films. Not to mention some kick butt stuntwork which gives clear indication why SMG won the role of Buffy over all contenders. When push comes to shove, she could sell the fact that her body was capable of far more than one would assume from just her surface. Well. I mean. In those cuts where it's obviously her and not a double, of course. But then again I can't tell if a double was ever used, and considering the lack of funds it's very possible that's SMG doing her own stunts. Anyone got confirmation on that one way or the other?

Regardless, it's NO budget directing, and I think Whedon does a fantastic job considering the obstacles he must have had to overcome. It's also an obvious dress rehearsal and very worth it to see for any diehard fan. It's interesting to watch what Whedon must have used as a preview film to show the networks what he had in mind, then compare that to what he accomplished with an actual budget. The comparison is extraordinary, like watching the California gubernatorial race and seeing how those with large disposable incomes are doing compared to those without.

Money does make a difference, but the heart of Btvs still rings loud and clear in the unaired pilot. Five stars. Joe Bob says check it out.
That promo talks about Virginia, 1866. and Chicago, may 1927, but there are also promos for 1845 Boston, 1897 Virginia City - Florence Gilbert, 1893 Oklahoma Territory, and 1912 Brooklyn - Arabella Gish. Just do a Kazaa search for "buffy promo"
Thanks all of you for your help. I've downloaded the Virginia/Chicago one from the French Dude and it was interesting, but the "other slayers of history" bits were not much more than a photo-montage with an extremely over-the-top voice-over.

One more bit of Buffiana that I can say I've seen, anyway.
I've got a compiled version, joining all these old slayers scenes in only one video. I don't remember exactly where did I downloaded it from, but as soon as I remember the source I'll pass along to you guys.
It's a nice vid, unfortunately it's not in a very good quality.

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