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March 16 2009

Happy Birthday to Alan Tudyk. Our favorite pilot is 38 today.

Happy birthday to my favorite Firefly character's actor! I think!
umm i dont know how to say this but isnt the link to alan's imdb page kind of spoilerish, i mean i was just spoiled on something i didnt want to know by visiting his page
Happy birthday to my favorite pirate and deliverer of fongings. I'm so glad he didn't become a hotel manager or canoe rental person.

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Happy birthday to you
Tudyk, you rock! Happy Birthday!
Happy *Spoiler Alert* day, Alan!
Happy birthday Alan!
Happy birthday, Alan!
Happy 38th b-day, Alan! :D
Happy birthday to one of my favorite Whedonverse actors!
Happy birthday to my favorite pilot.
Happy birthday to you, sexy, sexy spaceship pilot (and pirate).
Happy "Curse your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal" Birthday. Hmmmm... Joss sure does foreshadow far in advance...

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