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March 16 2009

Dollhouse fanvid - Never Seen the Light of Day. I know we don't usually do fanvids, but this made me geek out a bit.

Wow. If I had epilepsy, that vid would have knocked me out *blink*.

Really liked the song, though.
Loved the song too, never heard it before.
I thought showing her wake-up pained gasp repeatedly, at various speeds and colors, was an interesting choice. Not badly done; however, not my cup of tea.
That would have been a cool theme song for the show.
I thought showing her wake-up pained gasp repeatedly, at various speeds and colors, was an interesting choice.

So did I. It was kinda horrific-making. I kinda loved this video, as thematically it has a lot going on, and technically there's some great stuff in it (splitting Echo into two by mirroring the images, for example). This might well end up getting deleted, but it's easily the best Dollhouse fan vid I've seen so far (and there's lots out there already).
Yeah, I couldn't watch more than half of it. Well done, but it's not kind on the eyes.
Now I'm geeked out too! That is my vid! Wow, I'm a headline on Whedonesque! [/geeking out]
Thanks, gossi.
I love to see people's opinions here. And yeah I know it may be not kind on the eyes but it's all experimental, wait for my next work ;)
Aww, J.I.G.! I had no idea you did it. Great vid. And I love the song.

Here's a question - what would be good songs for doing Dollhouse vids with?

I'm working on one with Radiohead's "How to Disappear Completely." Kind of depressing, I know. Heh.
Was that the Beatles? It looked like them, even though the description said it was from the video for the song, so presumably it was Mando Diao. It looked like John Lennon and Paul McCartney circa 1965 were in there somewhere. Maybe they work as a tribute band when they aren't doing their own songs.

Now there's a thought, hire an active to be a tribute act who believes they actually are the real act.
This is not, the greatest act in the world.
No, this is just a tribute.
Thanks again! :)
Uhm, some good songs lyricswise:
Massive Dose by Sonic Librarian from a promo.
The Pretender by Foo Fighters, for an action vid, from the first trailer
I'll get back to you when I think of more!
liked the video, the busy-ness definitely is in line with the cavalcade of images they show at the wipes and awesome job at matching the colors and edits with the music video behind, i liked it much better than the music video on itunes
also the subliminal advertising at the end cant hurt
ShanshuBugaboo is my favourite for making a Dollhouse music video with my favourite song ever.

As for this video, it didn't really do much for me. I liked the song well enough, but there was too much constant flashing of everything going on for me to enjoy it.

[ edited by Racoon Boy on 2009-03-17 03:14 ]
Hehe, thanks Racoon Boy. Just warning, it's gonna take me a while, because my editor seems to hate me. Plus, I really want to get some footage in from "Man on the Street."
Congratulations J.I.G.! I think that that is an excellent fan vid, something that really captures some of the great qualities of the show, and could bring more viewers to the show. I'll certainly want to link it (assuming you don't mind)!
One song that I think would work really well for a Dollhouse video is "Little God" by Patty Griffin. It's a bit long, so it would probably have to be edited down.

It's from an album that has been unreleased for almost a decade now, so I think it should be fine to post - take a listen at Specifically, listen to the first refrain, which I think is eerily perfect for Dollhouse.
Since I'm a big Dave Matthews Band freak, I've been visualizing a Dollhouse vid set to "Dancing Nancies"

"I am
who I am
who I am, well...who am I?
Requesting some enlightenment...
Could I have been anyone other than me?"
There should be a music video:)
Can't watch vid - darn dial-up. I have a feeling, from what I've read here, that I'd most likely get seasick while it loaded.

Some song ideas:

"Nobody's Girl" - Bonnie Raitt, Nick of Time
"She's Not There" - The Zombies
"Who Are You?" - The Who (Kinda been done to death, I know. But still.)
"Is Anybody There?" - John Hiatt, Slow Turning
"Owning My Mistakes" - Anthony Stewart Head (ft. James Marsters), Music For Elevators
I'm working on one with Radiohead's "How to Disappear Completely." Kind of depressing, I know. Heh.

Nice choice, ShanshuBugaboo. But then I am named after a Radiohead song

I think 'There is no such place' by Augie March could work really nicely and as a bonus we could make bad jokes about there being such a place as the Dollhouse
Thanks Let Down :-)


"Everybody Else's Girl" by Tori Amos? I might have to make that one too :-P
Let Down, I had always wondered if you were named after that song, which is one of my favourite Radiohead songs. (I assume it's one of your favourites, as well.)
Yay on all the radiohead love. I know they're a huge band, but they also happen to be one of my favorite artists. "How to Disappear Completely" is a great choice.

And yeah, Let Down, I've often wondered if you were named after the Radiohead song as well. I used to figure "nah", as 'Let Down' isn't really a fan favorite and they almost never play it live, presumably because it does lose something in the translation (having said that, it does happen to be a personal favorite on 'Ok Computer', though. It's all summer melancholy for me and the song makes me happy every single time I listen to it, despite the depressing lyrics).

Since I'm a big Dave Matthews Band freak, I've been visualizing a Dollhouse vid set to "Dancing Nancies"

Also a good choice, although I don't actually think DMB is a great band to vid to. Their songs don't usually blend well into other visuals. But lyrically, 'Dancing Nancies' totally fits.

Another possibly choice: Bright Eyes' 'Easy/Lucky/Free' (is it okay to link to music video's on youtube?)
That was certainly different. And had better music than most 'I'm a 50 year old woman with the romantic ideals of a 16-year old, too bad my music taste grew old with me'-vids.
Nice song, but a minute into the video I sensed a ping of pain in my head, like someone had poked a pin in the back of my left eyeball. I turned off the video and the pain immediately went away. I have to classify that as "bad." I've seen many fanvids that were superior, yet still didn't inspire to me to post them to this prestigious virtual community mecca. This fanvid was trying too hard to be different and fascinating and the end result has probably caused some people to go into epileptic seizures.

Less is more. Really.
Lol Caroline.

I've already stored away in my 'to vid' file the Foo Fighters for a DH vid once the series is finished. Or I may do a Buffy/Faith to that instead. Of course, if someone else gets there first, then I'll find something else. Some first class suggestion though - I love the lyrics to the Dave Matthews one.
Sorry about the epileptic seizures! I didn't mean to give you a headache.
Zachsmind, you're right, less IS more but with this I, indeed, tried something different, since the music video in the background is so brainwash-y I tried to do the same with the Dollhouse clips. The outcome is a vid that gives you epileptic seizures but I'm just trying something out here, go easy on me ;), it's like my third vid.
I've been working on another vid that'll be very different from this: less brainwash and subliminal messages, more story and drama.

[ edited by J.I.G. on 2009-03-17 11:08 ]
That is very ... flicky. Too many fast cuts for me, felt slightly bitty (which, if a deliberate meta-comment on the active experience, is quite clever ETA: which it seems it is so double kudos J.I.G ;). That said, I have respect for anyone that spends the time on something and then puts it out there for public consumption, kudos.

As to songs, i'm shit at this sort of thing mainly because I can remember obscure (mean people might say 'trivial' ;) facts about 20 year old TV shows and I can sometimes remember conversations I had 5 years ago, sometimes nearly word for word. But I cannot, for the life of me, remember song lyrics or jokes. Never have been any good at it.

So i'm going with "I'm the Urban Spaceman" because every list of suggestions of this nature should have some Bonzo and because it seems vaguely apropos (from what I remember ;). Like a twisted, haunting version though, as sung by Jonatha Brooke.

[ edited by Saje on 2009-03-17 11:15 ]
I thought that the fast cuts were effective, representing the fractured mind, and showing off the underlying sci-fi elements of Dollhouse. I get how it can be headachy but it worked for me in bringing home how Echos poor head must feel like it is ready to explode. At least it struck me as interesting and reflective of the edgy/darker aspects of Dollhouse while still keeping in the sense of fun which is there too.
I loved the song, but the video...
Rikardo, may I ask you why you didn't like the video? Was it too fast;)?
Everybody else, thanks for your feedback!! Today I uploaded another vid I did Sunday, called "All I Need".

BTW, GVH, that Bright Eyes song really is a good songchoice for Dollhouse.
I really liked that. Something different.

I'm a 50 year old woman with the romantic ideals of a 16-year old, too bad my music taste grew old with me

Just as well I don't vid, then. "Hey, Hey We're the Monkees..."

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