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March 17 2009

Firefly Cruise 2009 is postponed. "Sadly, a combination of factors beyond our direct control have made it inadvisable for us to take the financial gamble at this time."

So, a little worldwide financial chaos is abble to stop the signal.
Only from a ship, though. Us landlubbers can do it with screenings. Has the state of the economy wreaked havoc on screenings in anyone's city, btw? From what I know of the screenings, they're not extremely expensive to put on but they do require some money, as far as making deals with the screening location, printing up the shirts, etc.
I used to love to go to Mexico. I even said to some friends last week that we should plan a long weekend there soon.
And they looked at me like I was crazy. I had no idea it had gotten so bad there. Safety first.
Still want to gather with Browncoats this year? Consider the Browncoat Ball!
Co-worker just got back from Mexico and he felt completely safe the entire time. Another co-worker won a trip through work and was supposed to leave next month but his wife refuses to go because of the news. I guess she figures better to be safe then sorry. I'd be hesitant too. But stop the signal? You can never stop the signal.

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