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March 17 2009

Understanding the Dollhouse. New DH extra posted for free on iTunes. In case you missed the Jonatha Brooke video, it's no longer available through the same section. Get this one while you can!

Ack! Beaten to Whedoneque posting again.
Is this the same video that was posted back in January/ February on youtube (that is now unavailable)? Or is it a new one?
This is the same video posted a few months back, but there is an extra bit (about 15 seconds) where Dichen shares her thoughts as well. I saw her face in the preview for the video and that was enough for me XD
No longer available says mine.
Many fanlings continue to seek out the "Freedom is all we need to heal the pain of history" song from "Stage Fright." It would make a fine video. Or an audio.
Is that ok to link to (Eliza's song)? I managed to find someone who took it from the show but I wasn't sure I could link to it.
Yet another item not available to non-USAians.
sammygeen please do link it! :)

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