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March 18 2009

(SPOILER) Is 'Dollhouse' About To Get Good? writer Bruce Simmons posits that FOX mucked with Whedon's vision, and proposes some changes that might have made it more palatable to viewers. Contains huge spoiler for the casting of Alpha.

And they shouldn't have killed Tara either or let Oz left the show.
Wow. Brilliant suggestions. Iím hearing from all corners people complaining about how they are bored with the missions, how nothing happens in the episodes and how they would like the show to dip deeper in to the mythology and a continual story arc. And this dude suggest to put all the little mythological and story arc hints in the first couple of episodes altogether away and focus just on the missions? Yeah, really great idea...

I know that people on the internet, who want the mythology and rich story arcs, may quite vastly differ from the average Joes in front of the TV screens, but what if even they werenít that stupid as everybody seems to think? I mean Fox interfered with the first episodes in order to grab more viewers but it still seems that the show is watched only by Jossí fans who know how brilliant he is and that things will sooner or later start to get more interesting. But the average Joes donít know this, they judge only by what they see now and it seems that they arenít interested by the individual missions.

Maybe if Fox let Joss do his thing from the get-go more non-whedonites would watch the show. And maybe no. Who knowsÖ? The thing is that I donít think that making the show progress more slowly would be a good move. I know many people who like Whedon but arenít diehard fans and if things progressed any slower than now, they would probably stop watching. Even now, many of them continue to watch just because of the much-hyped sixth episode.
I think it should be mentioned in the blurb/link that this contains the casting spoiler for ALPHA. So that anyone who wants to avoid this specific info would not be spoiled.

Just saying.
Oh sorry, it was mentioned already.
I don't think that's much of a spoiler.. not to us, who spend way too much time in here. :) But who knows, maybe someone could resist temptation, and still doesn't know who plays Alpha.

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I don't know jack about Alpha - proud of it! (Surprise me, Mr. Whedon, surprise me!)

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wow! you ARE gonna be suprised! I almost wish I didn't know.

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I also do not know who plays Alpha - and believe me, given that I am supposed to read every post here, that takes some doing. I do appreciate peoples' discretion in discussing the subject. (I also have no idea what happens in any forthcoming episode - and I love it that way. :-)

OTOH, given that it's more than likely that Alpha is a Joss-player, there's an obvious limit to how surprised I can be. My reaction will probably be one of happy recognition rather than shock, I suspect.
Frak! I was holding out hope that it would be Jensen Ackles. There goes my Alpha/Echo shipping.

On the bright side I'm really happy that Wayne Newton will be playing the role of Alpha. Let's hope for a musical number by episode 10.

Oh, crap. Did I just spoil everyone??? My bad.
I know many people who like Whedon but arenít diehard fans and if things progressed any slower than now, they would probably stop watching.

This confuses me so much. I've been reading all over the place lately about how slowly the arc has been moving along, but the arc is moving way faster than I ever expected it to. I don't understand why people are expecting major things to happen in the very first episodes of the series. Firefly's first arc development (that I can think of, anyway) came in Ariel, really. Until then, River was just mysteriously nutty. Buffy's didn't come until "Angel." And Angel's didn't come until Hero (or Parting Gifts--I would accept either answer). I'm not sure why people are expecting the arc to be so far along by episode five...

Sorry, didn't mean to rant at you. Just saw an excuse to say what I've been thinking for a couple days now.
I agree with you Jobo. I don't think that Dollhouse is moving to slow. It's just right :)
Well, I also agree Ė itís just that I know many people who wouldnít because they are too impatient and have exaggerated expectations. That is way I think that slowing things down wouldnít help the show. But personally, I think that the first 5 episodes of Dollhouse have more development, plot and mythology than any other Whedon show. However, the sooner the show starts to dip deeper into mythology and continual story arcs the better because thatís my favorite aspect of a TV show.

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Well at least he got the name 'Joss Whedon' right.

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