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March 18 2009

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 Volume 5 gets listed on Spoilers fans might want to read the 'Production Description' to get a glimpse of what happens in the last two issues of the 'Predator And Prey' arc.

It strikes me that looking back on this arc it makes a lot more sense than reading about it going into it. Certainly reading "Harmony Bites" was confusing, until we found out about the rest of what was going on.
Do Darkhorse realise that when these product descriptions are released they're giving away the rest of the arc? lol. Not complaining the spoiler sucker I am though :) Sounds very interesting, nice to hear we’ll be getting some character development for Dawn!
I'm also hoping that that means that 8.25 will, in fact, end the curse thing on Dawn and that, while she might be a doll there-in, she'll be herself again by the time we get out of the issue.
Agreed,this sounds very interesting these last two parts of the arc.

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I'm assuming Dawn's got three transformations (thricewise and all) which puts her on track to be normal in time for the final arc. But who knows. This'll hopefully clear it up.
I really hope they don't screw up the trip to Germany. I live near Berlin, and some of the stuff in the American media about Germany is like using the Waltons as a model for the U.S. (which happens). Look for mistakes like round door knobs (German doors don't have them), and pray they had the sense to have somebody check any German they might have included.

Hey, they could have just given me a call. I'd have loved to help.
Round door knobs? If they put those in, I really don't think that's a huge research failure. Plenty of doors in the US have them, and it's not something I'd even have thought to check. (Checking German for accuracy is a valid concern, though.)
Heck, I think Dawn is the most likely to get killed. She really has not done much so far.
No way. Too much delayed payoff in Dawn's character development to kill her off. Anyway it does the wrong thing to Buffy psychologically. This season's about the consequences of her leadership.

My money's on Satsu.
Meh. Not that spoilery. Dark Horse solicitations tend to reveal more than that.

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