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March 18 2009

"The Devil's Panties" references "Dr. Horrible". Thought this was a pretty funny reference to both Dr. Horrible and 'net fanficcers.

Haha. Awesome. XD
Thanks for the link. I've just found a new favorite online comic!
But it's not slash fic if they're the same gender!
I'm confused. It's not slash fic unless they're the same gender.
But it's not slash fic if they're the same gender!

Eh... isn't that the definition of slash fiction?

Or were you joking there, phearlez?

ETA: whoops, got beaten to this comment there ;). Serves me right to keep my posting window open while on the phone.

[ edited by GVH on 2009-03-18 16:07 ]
As I understood things, the term 'slash' evolved out of old Star Trek TOS fanfic collections where any pairings were to be noted 'person A (forward slash) person B.' And even then, the big pairing seemed to be Kirk & Spock? Well, you grasp the meaning I'm trying to convey ;)

Really? By original intent, ALL pairings are 'slash' in that the old model for noting such things involved a forward slash. Now, it's just used to mean same-sex pairings.
BlueEyedBrigadier, now we just call them 'ships'. :)
Yep, cuz the pair-up floats your...boat ;)

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