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March 18 2009

TV Guide Magazine's Matt Roush answers questions about Dollhouse and corrects a "miscommunication" concerning which Whedon show panel he will be moderating at the LA Paley Festival.

I am glad that he is back to blogging on the "new" TV Guide Magazine site. He is an intelligent and thoughtful observer of television content, and I, for one, appreciate his insights. Also, it sure doesn't hurt that he is a big Whedon fan!

Yeah, the Paley panels. Is it April yet?
Other recent Matt Roush reviews of Whedon alums posted on the new TV Guide magazine site:
Summer (Glau) Lovin': Geek Goddess
Is Castle the new Mentalist?

Totally going to Paley. I want to see how the season ends.
Another show I love goes down (Life on Mars). If it wasn't for cable, there would be basically nothing i'm interested in on TV, that isn't either canceled or just barely hanging on.

I'm just hoping that if Dollhouse does get a second season, they'll keep T:TSSC as well, to keep their SciFi Friday in tact. Because to tell the truth, losing that one would be almost as painful for me as losing Dollhouse. And with BSG ending, that would leave exactly zero quality SciFi. (Hoping Caprica will be a fraction as good as BSG).

Blaaah, quality TV always goes down fast, while garbage like The Bachelor and American Idol and all the other barf-inducing reality shows prosper, along with mindless sitcoms and tired procedurals.
Shey - have you watched the original Life on Mars or its follow-on/sorta-sequel Ashes to Ashes?

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