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March 18 2009

(SPOILER) TV Guide says Joss "was not kidding" about "Man On The Street" being the episode to watch. Spoilers for other shows included, as it is a spoiler chat. For the Dollhouse episode however, it's more a teaser and not a huge spoiler.

So, is it friday yet? Really starting to look forward to this episode.

Shouldn't more reviews of episodes 6 and 8 start popping up right about now? If the point was to hype up these episodes some more, it's starting to cut it slightly close, right? ;)
My hope are way up. Hope it's as good as people say it is.
I'm trying to keep my expectations somewhat low because of exactly that reason, Rikardo. I've also tried to keep the expectations low on my regular sci-fi/fantasy newsgroup, but after saying "it's supposed to get better in episode 6" for five weeks, I'm having a hard time to. It seems like some people are now geared up to think: 'if I don't love this episode, this show is not for me'.

There's a lot of percieved pressure on this already. It'll be interesting to see what the reaction to this epsiode inside and outside of fandom'll end up being. I'm suspecting some dissapointment especially from within Whedon fandom, because the episode is bound to not please everyone.
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This is such good news.
OMG, between DH & BSG, I am having total heart palpitations about this Friday. Ahhhh!!!
Fantastic news. I've been waiting patiently for the Josscoaster to hit the top, and now this really looks like it. No more pulling punches from this episode onward and we're all good in my book.
hitfixdaniel said this via twitter: "dunno if Friday's Dollhouse is as good as FOX/Whedon want you to believe it is but it's totally the series best."
I am so glad I have a DVR now! I can wait an hour to see BSG. I just wish Thursday wouldn't get in the way!
Nice to hear some positivity regarding the fate of the show! I think buzz makes a difference.
And the ride begins!
I realize this is thread hijacking, but did anyone else see the "Serenity" reference on tonight's "Lost"? A crashlanding/spear-through-the-pilot-in the-starboard-chair seems to be too much of a coincidence.
The co-pilot was a leaf on the wind.

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