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March 18 2009

Caption It - A pic from last week's Dollhouse. Winners announced next week.

It's a real crime against joke telling that this picture is not of Victor.
haha! you are very right sunfire
"After her rebellious years in Sunnydale and LA Faith returns from Rumspringa with a new perspective on life..."

We have a winner, IMO. That picture is a bit like... We thought Faith/Eliza was from South Boston... It turns out she was from Lancaster County, PA.

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I can't be bothered registering for some stupid site I've never heard off just to post a caption. So I'll post it here.

For some reason, Big Wanda always insisted that the sorority meetings conclude with a spirited game of "Spin the Dushku"
Weird...I almost worked for this site. They didn't hire me, so I am still bitter, lol.

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