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September 02 2003

Dark Horizons Coverage on Scooby Doo 2. Includes an interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

"...Now we’re coming in to make a family film..." Which completely disses my demographic. Fine. Whatever. And this is where she loses one more fan. Not that it does or should matter to her.
Well it's nice that she addressed that stupid Jessica Lynch rumor too.
Whoa does her making a family film diss you? Family films have their place. Do you hate Seth Green now too?
So what, SMG should just stick to movies aiming for the Buffy demographic at the risk of offending her fans?
It's not a matter of hate, Ring. I don't hate anybody. Least of which people who are complete strangers to me. I enjoy their talent, but only if they're doing stuff I actually wanna see. SMG's not. If someone offered me a cheeseburger, and I didn't like cheeseburgers, I'd say no. I don't eat at Jack In The Box because there's nothing on their menu that I want. I got nothin' personal against Jack, y'know whut ah mean? SMG is either ignorant of her fanbase, or purposefully no longer wishes to cater to them. And that's fine. That's her choice. She finds her Buffy fan contingent beneath her. She wants to moove on to greener pastures. I'm simply saying let her go chew her cud. Do.. Chick FilA commercials or whatever.

As for Seth Green, that guy's a completely different story. Apples & Oranges. I mean, Greg the Bunny was demographicless. He's in his own groove and more power to him, but he never really even tried catering to audiences. So there's no expectations for him to live up to. He does what serves his own needs and if others want to go on his ride fine, but he doesn't really seem to care either way. He just does what he does. And if that's where SMG is going now, more power to her but the rides she offers outside Buffy are rarely if ever rides I care to join her on, so I'm outside whatever fanbase she does cater to, if there's one at all.
One movie does not a trend make.

Harvard Man wasn't a family movie.

Neither were Simply Irresistable nor I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Again, because she decides to do one family movie (and remember, they didn't know what the first Scooby Doo was going to be until after editing) does not mean she's ignoring her audience.
Just read the interview and got one thing to say... That girl can talk. Yap, yap, yapidy yap. Whatever happened to the 2 sentence replies????
Maybe I shoulda quoted more of the original text. Lemme put the original quote back into context: "...Now we’re coming in to make a family film..." if you'd read the link this was referring to, SMG explains that during Scooby Doo One they didn't know whether they were catering to children or adults. It does show in the film. Was this just gonna be a mindless live action version of the cartoon or was it gonna be a sort of parody of the old cartoon that adults who grew up with Scooby Doo could appreciate? It attempted to be both. It kinda failed. I was HOPING that with part two, they'd realize this and choose instead to veer towards the adult angle. Make it more of a "whatever happened to" thing, where the gang would grow up in a satirical sorta way. However, they've gone in the exact opposite direction. I'm not just frustrated with SMG but everyone involved in Scooby Doo the film franchise. I don't have kids. I don't want kids. My interest in family programming stops with Michael Jeter's Mister Noodle (which is drop dead laughing funny).

SMG's going where I am not. I don't hate her. I don't know her from Barbie, m'kay? I'm simply saying I'm no fan of someone who does nothing of interest to me outside of the WhedonVerse.

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