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March 18 2009

(SPOILER) "Dollhouse improves -- finally". A review of ep. 6 from my local paper. Goes into some detail of the episode. Also a couple of quotes from Joss. gives it a good review "this is indeed the best episode yet".

I am excited.
"Next time, I think everyone would be better off if Whedon's mind was allowed to drive the train from the beginning."

Word. Up.
Here's another review I've found: IGN (spoilers as well)

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How major are these spoilers? Plot-twist major, or just premise stuff?
Jobo, there are a few references to some pretty major spoilers. I would stay away if you don't want to see them.
I can't wait for Joss to do his Joss thing and knock my socks off!
From someone who already really loves the show, I'm glad episode 6 is what it was promised to be, and that those who couldn't get "into" it at first have a second chance.
I haven't read any of these ep six reviews (me hate spoilers!), but I am really loving all the positive publicity it's receiving. Really makes me smile. :) I too cannot wait for that Joss story telling magic, we all know and love, to knock my socks off!
Yeah, it's nice to read some good reviews.

Also proves my point in the early review threads: people (reviewers) aren't out to just be negative, snarky and kill something before it gets a chance to live. The early run of episodes were just basically dissapointing. And now that the show's getting better, I'm expecting to see more and more reviews stating just that. Not all of 'em will be positive or insightfull or well-written, but the general concensus'll certainly start to get better.
Good 2 hear hopefully it will be renewed 4 next year
GVH, I agree that reviewers aren't simply out to be negative (although snark gets more subscriptions). But I also say that on both their parts and ours as fans, our expectations are ridiculously high and we can't seem to relax our anticipation to allow the show to find its groove. Some of the same people who have been ripping Dollhouse a new one are not so derogatory when talking about shows like Supernatural and the Stargate franchise, shows who have not only outlived their premise but started so weak and took years to get as good as Dollhouse got by its 5th episode, that the sci-fi/fantasy community's obsession with them is inscrutable.

It's because no one expects anything from those shows. Who knows who created them, other than "the guys who did Smallville" or "the sci-fi channel" and that they are entertaining each week.

We expect so much more from Joss that a show that is still better than them inside of three episodes wasn't good enough fast enough for us. Hopefully, enough people stick around for "MotS" and we see where this was supposed to go.

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