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March 18 2009

Joss plugs Dollhouse episode 6 to a (figurative) roomful of reporters. The LA Times posts excerpts from a conference call Joss apparently did today. No spoilers in the main link (unless you don't wanna know that 'Man on the Street' will be awesome... oops!).

ETA this SPOILERY coverage of the conference call. Has a good number of quotes that the LA Times missed.

Joss is the best at causing pain to his beloved characters! It sounds interesting...
I am getting very excited about this Friday night's show!
Looking forward to seeing how Echo Joss takes the parameters and exceeds them. Grr, I'm ready to claw through the fabric of time to see this.
Please remember to write meaningful headlines. Not everyone knows what MoTs is.
This is only spoilery if you don't want to know how far down the rabbit hole the show will take us - but I've inviso'd anyway.

This is what I've been thinking - well, except for the slapping part.

Oh, and this:

Hee. "Ho fatto addormentato?" (Please note: all Italian made up.)
Good thing Fox decided to air the show's (apparent) best episode against the frakking series finale of BSG. Clever!
I've posted a new link which has spoilers from Joss' conference call. So if people are curious to know what happens next then please do go there. We can keep this thread for those don't like spoilers with their cup of tea.
It's kind of ironic that Dollhouse episode 6 is being aired against the series finale of BSG, because Joss loves BSG too. I'm sure he understands why choosing which to watch live is a hard decision in this instance.
I'm ready to claw through the fabric of time to see this.

But, don't do that, K? There could be repercussions.
OK. I'll use my powers for good. This time.
I really enjoyed reading this interview for two main reasons.

First, I am really intrigued by Joss' claim that from episode 6 the premise is explained more clearly but the episodes also go into getting into the inner workings of the Dollhouse - I had assumed these would be mutually exclusive.

Second, I found Joss talking about his interaction with the network interesting, and that he says Ep. 6 would not have happened without the studio's input ('It's very much the stuff they were pitching'), and that the first 5 episodes were just as much about him finding the show as the network getting onboard.

I know part of this could be Joss' ever present diplomacy (I wasn't following Joss' work during Firefly so I don't know how diplomatic or otherwise he was during the airing of Firefly as to how they were handling it) - but I still think he has made an effort to negate a lot of the rumours circulating on this site regarding 'from episode 6 is good because they let Joss do his thing!'
That all sounds great, especially as it seems that the other reviews of the episode seem very positive.

But you do have to question the logic of putting such a potentially crucial episode (in terms of winning audience and critical opinion) up against the finale of BSG. Surely it is mainly the same audience and I can't imagine many people missing BSG
I am so glad I live in a time zone where there will be no conflict between Dollhouse and BSG. ;)
Also just checked my on-screen guide, the final two hour BSG is airing on SciFi at least three times, on Friday. I'd think that would cover the conflict in pretty much all time zones.
I've resigned myself to be okay with BSG airing at the same time. My watching it live doesn't do anything for ratings, but downloading it from the PlayStation Store sure puts a vote for the show somewhere, in somebody's hands. Plus it's just as pretty as watching it on TV. I can wait til Saturday this once. (But just this once. Don't do it again, Fox, kay?)

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