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March 18 2009

(SPOILER) "Episode six of Dollhouse completely reenergizes the series". E! Online gets all praisey for 'Man on the Street' and gets some juicy info from Joss on what to expect next.

This is the spoiler version of today's conference call with Joss. If you want to avoid all the spoilers then click here.

Is it spoilery just for MotS, or the whole season? I'm gonna have to start a bookmark folder for all the spoilers so I can catch up later.
All the praise it's getting and yet it has to run opposite the first hour of the Battlestar Galactica finale. I know what I'm watching since I wouldn't miss it for the end of the world but I so wish I could watch both. Begrudgingly, I'll have to watch da' house online.
Now, see I feel the other way. (The splendors of DVR.) I'll watch my Dollhouse, and then go to BSG to watch "the end of the world".
The comparison to "Angel" (BtVS Season 1 Episode 7) is actually very astute and reassuring. It's exactly what I need to hear. That early episode really did elevate BtVS which, at that time (and like Dollhouse now) didn't have its legs... or its adult teeth... pick a metaphor. But to this day, "Angel" is one of my all-time favorite BtVS episodes, precisely because it was such a game-changer.

It's easy to look back on the greatness of BtVS and gloss over its awkward-at-times early-episode maturation process. The difference is one of expectations: BtVS was given the time it needed, whereas now, knowing the excellence that Joss & Co. is capable of, we expect it right away. As the author suggested, Buffy needed its own catalyst episode(s), and I'm sincerely hoping that Dollhouse is able to track BtVS's level of growth.
ditto to that.

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