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March 18 2009

Whedonverse March Madness. "So if you're just stumbling on to this now, you're right on time for Round 2 of this "March Madness" tourney - Whedon style."

Willow VS Tara :'(!! There's some painful pick...
Faith vs Spike and Willow vs Tara were painful!
I think Willow will take it. It's 7 years of awesomeness (at least I didn't *hate* the magic crack Willow) versus <3 years, after all. I still voted Tara, though.
You can also vote for Buffy here. She's losing by much. Your help will be much appreciated.
Buffy is losing big time, over 2 to 1 and losing to Friends. That is very bad.
Yes rehabber, that's true. So it would be awesome if everyone put the link in other Buffy sites or something.
I love these March Madness take-offs.
Principal Robin Wood vs. Captain Hammer (Wood meet Hammer! Oh, that sounded both innocent and dirty at the same time.)

Don't ever change, fandom.
Ah ah ah, I just voted for Buffy on Rikardo's link, and I noticed that it's not losing big time anymore, it's 50/50 now..
This fandom is the bestest!
Buffy is so much better than Friends that the fact Friends was winning makesme question God's existance.
Aaaaand now Buffy's winning by a comfortable margin.
I voted Buffy in Rikardo's poll (of course), but I think Friends is really good (even great) too.

In the character battle Spike/Faith and Willow/Tara were the hardest choices for me.
Just like for tarabot thought, I see:
Faith vs Spike and Willow vs Tara were painful!
I even ended up voting the way tarabot predicted most people would: I chose Willow, even though I liked Tara better when they were both on the show, because of the good old Will in the first three seasons and mostly because there was just simply more of her.
How's this for Whedon March Madness?

In two straight days with at least 8 time slots, my team happens to play in the 8th, airing of course simultaneously alongside the BSG finale, which I planned to watch in its entirety so I could catch it completely, followed by Dollhouse on Hulu.

Now that's a collision of two distinct worlds.

Even the last several minutes of Dollhouse airs during my team's opening round game, not to mention at least 60+ minutes of the BSG finale. Ack!

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