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March 18 2009

Eliza Dushku stops by 104.1 WBCN, The Rock of Boston. She chats with the DJs about the much-hyped episode 6 of 'Dollhouse', Camp Hale, and the differences between LA and Boston.

If anybody can figure out a perma-link for the video, it'd be much appreciated!
This should do it: Dushku
Awesome, thanks snakebyte! The link's fixed now.
Eliza seems so kind, cool & down to earth. Love her! Thank you for the link.
Here's a link to a Saturday Night Magazine interview with Eliza (It seemed kinda silly to start a new topic with it, so I thought maybe somebody could add it to this topic.)

There's no spoilers or anything, just Eliza talking about Boston, and Dollhouse oh, and some very shiny pictures!

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Eliza is adorable, and I think it is so cute that she is taking her nephew to the Bahamas.
She's so cute :-D
Always such a class act. I like her more with every interview.

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