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March 19 2009

Vote for your favourite sci-fi theme tune. Buffy goes heads to head with the likes of Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and The X-Files. There's prizes to won but the competition is only open to those from dear old Blighty. And if that's not enough voting for you, then head over to this poll and decide if Buffy is better than Friends.

I voted Buffy better than Friends, but my heart was heavy whe I choosed X Files over MacGyver.
Dang, no Firefly. I'm disappointed, but that's probably because of all the Whedon theme tunes, Buffy's is my least favorite.
Much as I love Buffy, Dr Who wins.
Yeah, 'Doctor Who' for me too (though it's hard to pick which arrangement - maybe series 3 of the revamp, it had the "explosion" restored at the end ? ) but that is some extremely stiff competition (not from Buffy though I must admit, never was a huge fan of the theme, much preferred Angel's). Hitchhiker's, Trek and X-Files all had great themes too IMO.
Dr. Who's theme was the work of a genius. Jaw-dropping, given what the composer had to work with to get the sounds.

The theme for BtVS isn't in the same class as that. It's a great theme, and I particularly love how it was used in the musical episode, but it's not as amazing as the original theme for Dr. Who.

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Yeah, once your theme song is worked into a Pink Floyd song you pretty much gotta sweep this, right?
In the second quiz, I am so disappointed that Seinfeld lost to Friends and that the X-Files beat South Park.
As much as the Buffy theme song works for Buffy and its a good piece of stand-alone music, it can't possibly beat the eerie-ness of Mark Snow's X-Files opening.

I was half tempted to go for Star Trek as well. Never been particularly fond of Doctor Who's one.
Buffy's theme always gives me a little boost of anticipation, even if I hear it on my iTunes. Love Red Dwarf song, just as I love the Firefly theme (and I like Angel's theme, too). I think all of these, plus Dr. Who, BSG, X-Files, evoke a sense of their show, so they all work, but as a stand-alone piece of music, my favourite would have to be the music - and visuals - for Star Trek: Voyager, with DS9 a close second. Those are pieces of music that I would like to have on my iTunes.
I love the Buffy theme song a lot but the Doctor Who theme is where it is at.
Got to vote for Dr. Who.
X-Files is legendary
What, no Captain Planet ? ;) Including animated sci-fi in there would probably make the list look a bit different, I can see a couple shows making it in, their themes were good enough.

Aw, no love for Babylon 5 ? Each season had a very different opening take on the same basic tune (and there's some talky narration before it the opening really gets into it), but a couple of them were standout. Season 3's pretty epic. Admittedly, they don't really stand well on their own. I just re-watched 'em on Youtube and I think they only really get you hyped if you're watching and into the series. Much of the in-episode score is very good though. I mean they sold episode-specific CDs, like 20 of them (maybe more) over the course of the show's five years.

If I were in the UK, I'd vote X-Files from that list. Like seermagicx said, legendary. I always used to look forward to the end part, for the very few times they changed the tag line.

Buffy's is still up there too (don't really see how the sci-fi label applies to Buffy though), for a quickie get-pumped-for-oncoming-new-episode kind of thing. Sorry to say that Dollhouse's doesn't really register, aside from the tinkly bit at the end when the lights go out and all you can see is the glow from the in-floor beds. A couple of the other images are curious too (the group-on-street zombie-looking part).
Gotta say, the Angel and Firefly themes are probably my favorite theme songs ever. And there is NOTHING creepier than the X-Files theme. NOTHING. I also have a soft spot for the Hitchhiker's theme, witch is amazing.
To be honest, the Buffy theme is my least favourite of all Whedonverse theme songs. Why can't Angel or Firefly be vote-for-able?
I'm putting in a dissenting vote for the Red Dwarf theme song. Just thinking about it made me sing it. Love it!
Once again, I'd have to go with the haunting opening BSG theme. And a great big WTF? for no Firefly theme love. :)
I must admit I can't even recall the Buffy theme at the moment. Where as Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, X-Files and Star Trek all spring to mind.

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