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March 19 2009

IESB says Nathan Fillion's name has popped up for Green Lantern. Chris Pine ('Star Trek') seems to be the front runner.

I'm not sure I could take Nathan seriously as a superhero having seen him as Captain Hammer though...granted, I'd go see a Lantern movie regardless of who was playing him.
Well, he certainly looks more like Hal Jordan than Chris Pine
Yeah Chris Pine is more a Kyle Rayner type looks wise.

I think Nathan would be great in the role but a) i'm sceptical about this claim anyway (since it seems a bit of a coincidence that he talked about himself as a possible Green Lantern in a recent interview but also talked the film out of existence) and b) I can kind of see their point if they're thinking 3 picture deal or the magic word, "franchise". Nathan's at that point (and I know this cos i'm there myself ;) where he's on the cusp of starting to look his age and in 5-6 years, when 'Green Lantern 3: Meaner and Greener' is being filmed he might be less able to get away with "youthfully immature hot-dog".
I wonder why they are starting the movie franchise with a Hal Jordan story. If it were up to me, they would do the golden age story first. Then in later installments, they could hand the reins (rings) to Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner.

And I think Nathan would be a much better Guy Gardner in a sequel than Hal Jordan in a first launch of the GL. (And for those who aren't familiar with the GL story, Guy Gardner is "another" green lantern who's basically Captain Hammer with a power ring.)

Edited to add: Had to add one of my favorite GL/Bats moments where Batman knocks out Guy Gardner. Yes it's ridiculous (almost like a Jawa taking out Yoda, but that might be overstating it)but hey, it's the comics so anything can happen.

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I dunno, if it's a battle of wills (which, metaphorically at least, it is) I might put some money on old long ears. There's an Elseworlds book I keep meaning to get called "In Darkest Knight" where it's Bruce Wayne that finds the ring. The words "unstoppable force" spring to mind ;).

Hal Jordan (as voiced by David Boreanaz) was in the 'Justice League: The New Frontier' animated DVD, maybe they just think he has the most mindshare ? Or maybe just prefer his origin story, feel it's more cinematic ?
I can't 4 the life of me understand why David Boreanz wasn't cast as GL he has the look and acting skills 2 pull it off l can't see anyone else doing it wake up WB exects
Yeah he's an even better fit than Nathan IMO. Maybe it's age again ?
I'm pretty sure it's an age issue that is keeping DB and NF out of the running.The WB wants an actor under 30 to play Green Lantern.

As for why Hal Jordan and not the Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott?I'm sure it's because Hal is the most well known version of Green Lantern to the public.Plus they want to do the space setting and Green Lantern Corp aspects which Alan Scott had nothing to do with.His powers where magic based and mystical not alien science based.

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Buffyfantic--I agree about the space setting. The way I picture Hollywood telling the story involves three films. Green Lantern the Movie would be when we discover what the GL is all about and what his powers can and can't do and he has to overcome some big challenge and he grows as a person and a hero and before you know it, The End.

Then in Green Lantern: Rebirth (yay mr. van sciver!), Alan Scott hands the keys over to Hal Jordan and we are introduced to the Guardians and Sinestro and all that inter-galactic stuff.

And in my perfect GL world, the 2nd GL movie would end with the Rann/Thanagar war heating up and there would be no third GL film per se, rather it would pick up the story continuity in the first Justice League movie. Fanboy goodness!

Regardless of what they do, I hope he gets to punch someone with a giant green fist at some point! Here's an example of that fist thing I want... You can even buy this original on the ebay link I used for the pic!

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Considering the WBs track record with its non-Bat-related superhero properties, I'll believe in a Green Lantern movie when I'm sitting in the theater and the lights go down.
I dunno, 'Watchmen' might put them on a roll ? And if they'd just give 'The Flash' back to Goyer ...

You can even buy this original on the ebay link I used for the pic!

You know I totally would but $40 shipping ! Crazy money. Ahem *fans self after seeing price of artwork*.
Nathan would be a fine Green Lantern, but there are plenty of ways to go with that. How about Alexis? I think Alexis would be an excellent Hal Jordan.
The age thing should be less of a concern after Robert Downy Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Watchmen too, that entire cast wasn't young. I know studios are obsessed with starting their superhero franchises off young, even when the character isn't associated with a teen/20-something in the minds of hardcore and casual fans--but are the studios usually all that concerned with pleasing the fans ? They wanna put non-fan butts in seats more than anything. There're more non-fans than fans in the overall population for most comic book properties. Part of wanting to start it off young also has to do with concerns over how old the actor will be when it comes to sequels, but so long as they don't wait any longer than 3 years between films, most actors seem to age well, so saying it's only been a year or whatever in the film-verse shouldn't be a problem. And it's not like you're gonna get any more than three films, optimistically, out of each of these properties with their current casts anyway (exception: Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, who I can see being with the franchise for a long while yet. As another example, I can't see Christian Bale doing Batman 5, a fourth in this series is already kinda up in the air--I've never doubted that there'd be a fourth Spider-Man, on the other hand, regardless of whether Toby Maguire would be back--and Nolan almost for sure won't be around that long for the franchise as film writers/directors generally get bored of the same old even quicker than actors).

I know the studios (and some film geeks) are sprouting serious wood over having all these individual characters coalesce into the big team movies, but it looks like a pretty crazy, sometimes clumsy juggling act, doesn't it ? I mean they're banking on each of the individual films/characters being successful in the first place (and even if one of them doesn't perform as well as hoped for, they can still be in the team film, ie Hulk in Avengers), then it'll come time for the team film (provided behind the scenes issues don't hold them up) and you wonder if each character will be given due screentime and character development/pay-off. I know the studio probably doesn't care as much about that, they're happy if a big explosive straight-up action film results and it makes ridiculous amounts of money, but from a fan or even casual movie-goer perspective...I dunno.

They pulled it off with the DC Animated Universe (having Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, and Batman Beyond all come together flawlessly in Justice League/Justice League Unlimited), but it seems like such a TV thing to do (see: Buffy/Angel also, plus other combined/spin-off franchise experiments on TV). Who knows, Avengers and a possible Justice League movie might turn out amazing (though I can see Avengers working more easily than Justice League), wait and see as usual.

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