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March 19 2009

Juliet Landau & Green Lantern. Felt this was appropriate considering the news on Green Lantern & Nathan Fillion. Not sure if she is part of the cast or part of the production.

No idea what it means, but before movies go into production, they get a bunch of actors to read it in front of a bunch of writers, the director, etc to see if it flows properly. It might be that. I hope she plays Green Lantern though, I think the world is ready for a female Hal Jordan. LONG LIVE HALLE JORDAN!
Hmm,I thought I read somewhere that Juliet Landau was doing a voice for the upcoming DC Universe Animated movie,"Green Lantern:First Flight."It comes out July 28th.But I could be wrong.Since it comes out in four months than wouldn't the voice work be well past done by this point?

Maybe she is going after a role in the upcoming live action Green Lantern movie.Martin Campbell is directing.It was announced today that it begins filming in September and will be released on December 17, 2010.

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LONG LIVE HALLE JORDAN! Hee. Which could also be spelled with an "i". Hallie. Just saying. For no reason. ...At all. ;)
According to her tweets, she's working on the script.
She's working on the script for the animated? And does that mean writing it or? Want to move to clarify the post ASAP. Updated link, thanks gossi!
Sweet! I didn't know Bryan Lynch was a memeber...
He's not, Brian Lynch is though. That "Bryan" Lynch is a jerk.
I'd be all for a female Green Lantern, but what the hell would be the point of altering the Hal Jordan character to do it? It's frickin' Green Lantern, just use a different one. There have been points in the DC mythology that you could swing a telepathic fish and hit a Green Lantern Corps member. If you wanted to tell a post-Season 7 Slayer story about an Indian Slayer, would you change Buffy into an Indian, or just tell a story about one of the other 2000 Slayers?

Brian, I'm sure you were kidding, but seriously, that's the kind of idea people would get all indignant about and be like "yeah! Hal Jordan should be a woman!"
Maybe she has a shot at being Star Sapphire . . . .
She and Amy Acker already had done voices for JLU cartoon. And in the Brazilian dubbed version, Cordelia and Angel dubber worked there too.

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