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March 19 2009

Joss and Eliza FOX25 Dollhouse Interview. Just a cute Joss and Eliza interview. They talk about Dollhouse, and Eliza talks about Boston.

Was anyone else feeling a really awkward vibe during that interview?
The opening question had a certain eww.
"I love the concept of this show! You can order up the chick any way you want it"

I stopped watching at that point.
I wanted to. As per the site rules i'll just say I think it was better that Joss and Eliza did most of the talking and leave it there.
Definitely an awkwardness.
Not sure how much of it was from the tacky, and mildly creepy, first question or from the audio delay between the host and Joss/Eliza.
re: first question -- we may swallow our pride to watch shows on the Fox network, but there's a reason that no one but the lowest of bottom-feeders depend on Fox (local or national) for actual news programming of any sort.
I tried, but just can't watch this. Oy.
I stuck it out and it got better after that point because it was mostly Eliza talking. This must be one of the first interviews I've seen where Joss barely talked at all - normally it's Eliza or Tahmoh standing next to Joss while he fields a majority of the questions. Makes sense that the Bostonian interviewer was mostly interested in Eliza.

But yeah, it felt awkward.
That look between Eliza and Joss was wonderfully weird. What a terrible opener.
Dear lord, I can think of no worse opener to an interview. I hope Joss absorbed that line for use in the show. The ick factor is perfect for it.
OMG that was so funny! Talk about a terrible sexist question which brings out all the worst things about the premise of 'Dollhouse'! LOL
It does make you wonder how many viewers agree with this interviewer (and Topher), and how many agree with most of us here: that there is a lot more going on in the show? Will everyone eventually get it? Because that would be kinda awesome.
What's this guy's name?

ETA that I found it, so nevermind.

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Oh god!

I'm sorry but you do have to laugh at the reporters question and the look Joss and Eliza gave each other! It's such ignorance to what the show is about that I couldn't help but find it funny, their reaction made it all the funnier! Where do they find these people haha
That's not just ignorance. That's excitement like the guy wishes he could have it in his actual life.
I forgot my laptop was muted, but as I tweaked that the video had already gotten to the shared look and I knew something was Not Going So Well.

Wow. Just, wow.
"Sorry, this video is no longer available."
Well, the only part you needed was when Boston's FOX 25 helicopter personality Doug Meehan opened the interview by saying this, with a big excited grin on his face:
I love the concept of this show! You can order up the chick any way you want it, and have it produce or do anything you want her to do? This is perfect!
Other than that, there's no reason to give the clip much thought.

ETA that it's still working for me. Hrm.

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Uh...yeah, that interviewer was creepy.

But Joss and Eliza's reactions were pretty funny. Eliza handled herself like a pro as always. I would have been like "Um..."
He also asked Eliza if there's been someone in her life she'd like to be able to program. He did not hold back on the creepy excitement.

ETA: And yes, Joss and particularly Eliza both handled the situation remarkably well.

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Yeah, particularly Eliza. Joss handled it well in that he didn't actually leap off his chair and call the guy an arsehole but I think by his body language he wasn't exactly over the moon either ;).
It's a nice little study in how to handle such a situation with grace but also while pointing out the dark underbelly of the concept that the interviewer wants to breeze right past. And it highlights something about Eliza that I'd noticed from a few talk show clips here and there. She's really quick to establish a rapport with the host and pretty resilient in the face of the inevitable "zomg you're a hottie" type moments that cross a line and go to the weird place. Joss handles himself well there but Eliza handles it like someone who's often balancing maintaining that rapport with undermining an attempt to objectify her.
Yep, i've seen a couple of people on here talk about how Eliza's unaware of how good-looking she is but frankly, i've never bought that (the rare "late bloomer" aside, good-looking people of either sex generally know it, not least because they're told often enough).

What seems more the case is, she's certain within herself that there's more to her than that and pretty much never fails to show it in interview.
Yeah, exactly. She commented on one show how getting all dressed up was sort of a psychological thing she had to prepare for, because it's not her usual thing, and I totally understand that. At the same time she's not letting the glam define her, which is impressive. Of course given her personality it might be impossible for it to do that. ;)

I don't think they're exaggerating at all when they say that the Dollhouse concept really is her experience writ large in scifi. She's just aware that she's negotiating between who she is and who other people want her to be, whereas Echo's only starting to be aware of anything at all.

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