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September 02 2003

Tom Lenk to appear onstage with The Blank Theatre Company at The 2nd Stage Theatre in Santa Monica, CA Sept. 26th - Nov 2nd.

[ edited by Karen on 2003-09-02 23:48 ]

It seems like other Buffy alums have made appearances at The 2nd Stage theatre. Here is Danny Strong in I'll Be Seeing You (click on PHOTOS FROM THE 2003 FESTIVAL) and I think this is James Marsters in their 2002 Season ad (on the right side).

So, if you're a Southern California fan, like me, you might want to check it out. =)

Don't forget Amber Benson, who directed a play and starred in a musical at the Young Playwrights Festival earlier this year and who starred in a play at the festival last year. Sarah Michelle Gellar even made an appearance in one years ago.
Oh, I missed that. Thanks for the info, Oddjob.

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