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March 19 2009

Did she say yes? The outcome of the Buffy #22 marriage proposal. Dark Horse's Scott Allie lets us know what happened with Dillon's letter.

Hooray! A happy ending!

Congratulations Dillon and Sarin! What a great story. :)
Dillon and Sarin, if you're reading, congratulations!

On being engaged; not on being able to read. Although, I suppose, congratulations on that, too.
Nothing says congratulations on getting engaged like a picture of a
Whoah, Dillon and Sarin, way to resist spoilers!

Lasting joy unto you two crazy kids!
Aww, congratulations! Here's hoping Joss doesn't kill one of them. ;)
I thought I posted before... I'm glad he posted this, I think a lot of people had started to assume the worst.
Congratulations on your engagement, Dillon and Sarin.
Congrats! I'd completely forgotten about this.
A wedding proposal that clever has to be met with a yes. IT JUST HAS TO.

Also, I don't do 'lol', but that last comment there about the Whedonesque post was pretty lol, IMO.
That's awesome!
Awww. Congratulations Dillon & Sarin!
Awesome. :D

Yay. Congratulations, Dillon & Sarin. :)
Oh that was very sweet, I'm glad to finally hear the response! I don't think I ever said it was wrong to propose publicly (that must have been someone else here) but I do think it is a shade risky.... and to little purpose. There is never any reason to 'try' to make a proposal memorable, believe me, no one involved is ever going to forget it regardless of how it is done. However there are a million reasons to make it romantic and private. But I'm not criticizing, obviously Dillon has known Sarin for a long time and she was thrilled with having their love recorded in such a great comic.

Congratulations to Sarin & Dillon, wishing you all the best!
Wow That was one of the most creative ways to make marriage proposal. Good luck!
Yipee!! Congratulations, Dillon & Sarin. May you have a life together filled with love, friendship, and laughter. All the best.
What they said.
Congrats to them! Cool that they live in my area, too.
Congratulations! :D
I put a proposal in a comic book once. Completely forgetting that my girlfriend doesn't read Archie's Pals n' Gals Double Digest...

That was all made up. Congratulations!
Well, shit, I just got majorly spoiled for Buffy. I suppose I shouldn't wait until a bunch come out before reading them
Lucky the happy couple's names are somewhat distinctive. Imagine the embarrassment of getting all worked up at a printed proposal... that was actually intended for some other chick!
I'm sure she knows her boyfriend works for the comic company that released the comic.
Awwwww, I find it cute that he was so nervous that he didn't read the comic--- even though he had an advanced copy!

That is so awesome. See, I want a girlfriend who would be so cool as to love a comic book proposal.

And now I'm wondering who that Whedonesque dissenter was...
Lovely, but what a bitchy end to a otherwise lovely statement
Congrats to the birds.

This prposal, to me, only lost to Jolene Blalock's. She asked her husband.

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"Nothing says congratulations on getting engaged like a picture of a soon to be 50% dead couple."

The picture posted above the letter is of Xander and Renee kissing. And their love did not end so happily. I believe that's what he was trying to say.
Maybe they're referring to me. I made this comment earlier:

I must be the only one who thought it was a bad idea to include the marriage proposal in the letter column. There are a number of guys who do very-public proposals, such as on a billboard or at half-time. The problem is, if the woman has any doubts or qualms, she's left in a very tricky position.

I didn't "denounce" the couple. I wish them the best. Maybe Scott Allie knows them personally and was sure she would say yes.

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