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March 19 2009

Eliza Dushku is all dolled up. She's on the cover of this months Saturday Night Magazine. Lots of cute photos of Eliza.

Yowza! That blue dress is, um, exciting.

ETA: Visual distractions aside, this is a great, candid interview. I admire her more and more throughout her career. Thanks for sharing, gossi!

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I gotta say, it's nice to see her wearing as many clothes as she is. She looks good inside clothes.
She can spin my wheels anytime she wants, not that she would want to , of course.
I have to disagree streetartist. :)
Although she does still look good despite the clothes.
That pink dress is cute! Want!
There's an interview on that page?

She is unjustly attractive.
Love the pics. She's beautiful.
She looks so classy and gorgeous.

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