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March 19 2009

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon talks to IGN about the future of 'Dollhouse'. Another recap of Joss' conference call from Wednesday.

Alas, this is a transcript of the conference call that has been the subject of several articles, over the past couple days.
Well dammit. *hangs head*
Either way thanks for posting it :)

I really like the questions they asked Joss. They were well thought out and very interesting.
Well it's quite a thorough recap so I'll leave up on the front page.
I may have missed these bits in the other recaps of this conference call but are we all assuming the movie he alludes to is Cabin in the Woods or something wholly different? Also, I'm just vaguely curious about who this guy is that looks like Nicolas Brendon but isn't but maybe that's since I haven't read any of the upcoming episode summaries.
I think this Nicholas guy will be in 1x09 "Haunted".
"[Dollhouse isn't] the lighthearted romp that the other shows were". :)

Perfect example of why I love our dear Jossir, the undisputed king of irony.
Question for those who have read this transcript (in one of its various forms), does it just spoil episode 6 or are there many spoilers for the rest of the season? I am asking because I would quite like to read this after seeing Man on the Street, if that's what most of the spoilers are about. - Thanks!
Dollhouse staff, who with the exception of Langton and the scarred, fretful doctor (Amy Acker) are either coldly or smarmily played. Wolfram & Hart this ainít, and moreís the pity.

Meh. I think both Adelle and Topher are shaping up into interesting characters too.

Plus, Wolfram & Hart? I found all of them to be intensely unlikable and not-very-interesting variations on smug and evil, with the sometimes-exception of Lilah.

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