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March 19 2009

Hugo nominations are in... Dr. Horrible is nominated for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form and Serenity: Better Days is nominated for Best Graphic Story.

As much as I loved Dr Horrible... My symbolic vote gotta go to BSG... Sorry, there's just nothing that compares to Galactica.
Although LOST's "The Constant' was better than BSG's "Revelations".
And it would be nice for Russell to win before he leaves Doctor Who.

Serenity is up against Fables and Y:The Last Man. All in all, I'm glad I'm not voting.
I wasn't all that impressed with "Turn Left", however, personally.
No, I would have picked Midnight. I loved that one. Scarier than Moffat's for this season.
Mr. Davies does have a run of specials left so he could be up for a Hugo next year if he doesn't win this time.

(And I didn't think the Library two-parter was as strong as any of the stories in Mr. Moffat's previous Hugo hat-trick.)

Anyway... yay for Dr. Horrible, it's an honour even to be nominated!
"Turn Left" was quite enjoyable in how it perverted the previous events of the the last few seasons, but deep at the core, it had little originality. I kept expecting a direct link to "Planet of the Spiders" since the bug was riding on Donna's back in a similar fashion. “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead” has some excellent moments, but is probably the weakest Moffat DW story so far. That probably takes it out of the running.

As much as I enjoyed Dr. Horrible, I might be tempted to vote for Lost's "The Constant" instead. It really was a very fresh and engaging approach to time travel and IMHO was the best hour of broadcast TV last year.
Although LOST's "The Constant' was better than BSG's "Revelations".

In your opinion. I think both were exceptionally well done pieces of television but for me "Revelations" was so much more emotionally fulfilling and satisfying considering the entire series had been built up to that moment.
Who else's opinion would I be stating?
geeeez. I think "short form" is by far the most competitive category. Great to see Dr. Horrible among the greatness of Lost and BSG.
Congratulations to both the Dr. Horrible and Serenity: Better Days teams! Well-deserved nominations for both. Luckily I'm not a voter and I can root for both Dr. Horrible and "The Constant" without guilt.
What you said came off to me as more of a statement of fact than opinion in reply to Djungelurban.

I'm probably wrong but it's just the way I interpreted your post so my bad. :P

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I'd go so far as to say a statement of fact about which TV show is better isn't even possible but I guess it doesn't hurt to be explicit about it. So this is all IMO ;).

Best Novel: Only read "Little Brother" of that list (must get round to the Stephenson and Gaiman books) which was pretty decent. Not brilliant, it maybe worked better as a manifesto than a novel but it's a good manifesto (especially for who it's primarily aimed at) so still worthwhile.

Best Graphic Presentation: It's Y Vol. 10. I haven't read most of the rest of them but you know what ? It's still Y Vol. 10 ;).

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form: 'The Dark Knight'. Of those i've seen 'Iron-man' and 'Hellboy II' were both also excellent but TDK was more dramatic and meaty.

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form: Yikes. Tough one. Not 'Turn Left' which was only OK. Probably not 'SitL/FotD' which I liked very much but agree weren't Moffat's best work ... I think i'd actually go with Dr Horrible just because it's "short form" and that did everything in the short form i.e. it didn't need 4 years of story and character development to be effective, it stands by itself.
What Djungleurban said. Although I think the category could use some tinkering.
Y: The Last Man, Vol. 10 should win Best Graphic Story. It doesn't seem to have any real competition from the nominees. (Serenity: Better Days was good but unexceptional.) A lot of other good stuff seems to have been overlooked, though.

For once, Steven Moffat has competition in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form category, although I'm still rooting for him to win for a fourth year in a row. Saje, the only official difference between "short form" and "long form" is that "short" means less than 90 minutes—it has nothing to do with the storytelling methods.
Yeah I get that, I just personally think Dr Horrible is a "purer" short-form entry in a sense. In the same way that e.g. an entirely original short-story is "purer" than a short-story featuring e.g. Luke Skywalker or Captain Kirk - those stories "borrow" resonance from other films/TV series/books/etc.
Ooh, Anathem is fantastic! And yay Ellen Datlow!
I just finished The Graveyard Book and loved it. There is a great plot, wonderful characters and writing so lyrical that I kept reading it out loud to myself. On the other hand, I really enjoyed Little Brother as well - the only other one I've read in that list
It doesn't seem to have any real competition from the nominees

Except for Fables.

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