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March 20 2009

(SPOILER) Maureen Ryan has a clip from "Man on the Street." One minute clip from tonight's Dollhouse episode at the Chicago Tribune site.

There's no porn?!
Damn! Complete let down. :P
I've changed the URL to what hopefully is the direct link.
looks like Joss is defiantly bringing the funny :)
Yeah it's fine Simon. :)
:) I have the biggest grin on my face right now... that was funny.
Too funny! Not sorry I watched.
He is the porn man... kookookachoo ;-)
Is this a porn man?! LOL
Finally, looks like we are getting Joss, funny stuff.
YES. I am really excited.
HAHA! Yes, this really is gonna be a true Joss episode.
Mwah! Is this the porn man? Nice. Glad to see some funny.
It WAS funny, and I don't wanna suddenly be the downer in the room (everyone hates that guy), but...

There's just something about ED being "funny" that doesn't always play right. I mean Eliza is an absolutely amazing actress, and she can be funny certainly. I just think it's usually a different kind of humor than this. Here she's playing all confused and frightened and maybe a little bit "girly" (not to stir up any feminism arguments or anything), and I think Eliza is always better at the tough-chick/straight-man humor.

*shrug* It's probably just me. I'm still excited about this episode... even if it will have to wait till after the BSG finale for me to watch it.
Shouldn't there be more clips up by now? :(
This is going to be a great episode. I was almost afraid I would spoil it by watching this clip, but I'm not sorry. I saw promotional photos of Eliza with that imprint but I forgot all about it.
My husband does porn!

Oh wow, Eliza was great in this clip. I love the way her voice broke as she said the word porn.

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