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March 20 2009

Why the time is right for a Serenity sequel. Den of Geek argues the case for Serenity 2.

Hey, it's MY job to start rumours by accident with articles like this.

However, their argument that Serenity cost little and made loads tend to be thrown in the bin by the fact it never got a sequel.
Hey, let someone else do the heavy lifting for a change gossi ;).

There's only one reason Joss hasn't made a 'Serenity' sequel - no-one with the money's come to him with the offer.

Most of these don't make much sense to me. The original wasn't a success by most metrics a studio will be interested in, neither is T:TSCC, or 'Dollhouse' (yet hopefully) and the one point that could make it more workable, Nathan's success in the industry, isn't argued well (the article mentions two indie films that didn't do huge business and neglects to mention his potential break-out hit TV show 'Castle').
Who's "Joss Wheddon"?
As much as I love Firefly and Serenity, I think if Dollhouse really takes off like it's meant to I'd rather see Joss keep making Dollhouse than Serenity 2.
I've often wondered what it's like to be completely disconnected from reality. After reading this I think I have a slightly better idea ;-)
The tenacity of Whedon fans... Doesn't matter what happens in the real world, we'll still cling to our hopes, no matter how far fetched those are. And I love it... :D
The time is right to give Joss a big suitcase full of money.
I can supply the suitcase.
The suitcase is a lot of expensive to me, but I can manage paper bags (enviroment!), or money binds.
The time is definitely right for a Serenity sequel. The time is also definitely right for me to win the lottery, for scientist to cure cancer, for Congress to implement universal healthcare in the US, and for the bozos at AIG to all simultaneously step in big piles of steaming dog doo.
If we are to supply Joss with a case of money, what kind of money should it be? Dollars makes the most sense, but that's too obvious. I'm thinking...yen? Francs?

Monopoly money would be least expensive.
You're assuming that dollars will be worth more than Monopoly money long enough to load them in a suitcase and send them to Joss, Unplugged. I'm not so sure.

I think the writer missed the best possible effect of the economy on the Serenifly franchise - the new appeal of the premise. It's about poor but way cool survivors who have a space ship and steal stuff. It can't lose now.
This definitely gave me a laugh. I'm so glad I can laugh at this silliness now.
It's reprehensible how many people keep on misspelling Josh Wheaton's name.
Well, Joe Sweden sounds foreign, i'm not surprised people make mistakes with it.
Not to mention how often people confuse Joel Sweetin with his little sister Jodie.
After reading this list, it occurs to me that there's never really been a wrong time.
It's the right time to bring it back on the air and give it back it's proper home of in our living rooms for an hour every week.

I wouldn't mind Castle and T:SCC both being canclled to bring back Firefly.
I think the writer missed the best possible effect of the economy on the Serenifly franchise - the new appeal of the premise. It's about poor but way cool survivors who have a space ship and steal stuff. It can't lose now.

Exactly what I was thinking, dreamlogic. In fact, that's what I expected the article to be about. We can relate to the guy living on the raggedy edge, just scraping by with whatever legal or illegal job he can get. More and more of us now identify with that.

Quick, Universal, get Joss to make the sequel before Obama fixes the economy and it's no longer relevant!

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2009-03-20 21:28 ]
Unless the execs just go for my idea, which is a Firefly/Veronica Mars/Arrested Development Crossover, cannily drawing in THREE fandoms at once.

The Firefly Crew travel back in time to the present day and advertise for a new crew member. Tobias, thinking it's a acting job, comes aboard, unaware he's carrying an item of global importance in the thermos of hot ham water that Lindsay has packed for him. Meanwhile, the family set off to recover him. Tobias serves as an 'analrapist' to the crew and forms a special relationship with Jayne (who, in a shocking twist, is also a never-nude.) Veronica, as an FBI agent, chases the rogue crooks through the universe, guided by a mysterious voice in her hairbrush (which actually proves to be her father, taking advantage of new technology). They all end up on Miranda where the reavers die from the shock of seeing George Michael and Maebe, Mal and Inara, and Veronica and Sheriff Lamb actually getting it on. Mal turns Miranda into a haven of Utopian ideals, the Bluths build more model homes (based on Rita's drawings), Veronica, Lamb and Keith take over law enforcement, Simon runs the hospital and as for River? Well, she just dances.
What was in the thermos? Mayhaps the recipe for the world's best pie.

What?? It could SO totally work!
It's never silly to want more Firefly/Serenity.
missb just BROKE MY MIND.
And I didn't think my Friday could get more interesting.

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