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March 20 2009

(SPOILER) Matt Roush's Cult Alert: Battlestar finale, Dollhouse. He reviews both Dollhouse's pivotal episode and the Battlestar Galactica finale and makes some interesting comparisons. (Spoilers for both shows.)

Overlapping with Galacticas final bow, Foxs steadily improving Dollhouse (9/8c) delivers a turning-point episode, written by the shows creator Joss Whedon, that includes an existentially fraught moment that sounds like it could have come from Battlestar itself.

I imagine there will be many more Ep. 6 reviews being posted, and I understand if the mods need to combine this review with others into one large posting.
Okay, how spoilery are these spoilers? Because since it's Matt Roush, I really want to read it.
All right, well, I went ahead and read it anyway. Interesting stuff. Though I still don't seem to be having a problem with the "making us care about characters who are blank slates" thing.
I'm not having a problem with caring about characters who are blank slates, either. What's happening with them is the most intriguing aspect of the series.
Yeah, neither do I UPC. So far I'm actually really interested in all of the dolls, or at least the three "leads" of Echo, Sierra and Victor. But even if I couldn't get past the blank slate thing to care about those characters I'm already in LOVE with Langton. And Topher is holding my interest (though Mrs. Haunt hates him, and not in the cool "he's so icky I love him" kind of way). And Tahmoh is one of those actors that's on my List. Y'know, THE List? The one that actors get put on when they become someone I'll watch in pretty much anything they ever do.

(I'm tearing up over the end of BSG tonight just thinking about it...)
I'm taking my phone off the hook tonight!
Aww, sorry to hear that Mrs. Haunt hates Topher. He's my favorite character, by a long shot.

I was slow in warming up to Boyd, but I do love him now.
Topher is just so disgustingly smug, I don't understand how a viewer is supposed to like him. I loved Andrew, but Andrew had humor. Topher is not funny. Topher thinks he's funny, but he's not.
He have humor. It's a mix of Andrew (This guy I really dislike) and Xander. In character resembling a cross between Warren (before killing Katrina) and Knox.

Some bad guys are amazing to carry on, like the Mayor, Glory, Holtz...
Topher is actually my favorite character with Sierra as a close second.
I couldn't be more excited about Man On The Street. I guess the case of Dollhouse is one where network meddling and notes did not make the product better. Sometimes the network folks are helpful, apparently, and sometimes they aren't. The growing consensus points rather strongly to the latter.

Btw, I just read this on "The Watcher," Maureen Ryan's site at the Chicago Tribune:

The BSG finale tonight will go ELEVEN MINUTES long. Adjust your recording strategy accordingly. For details, go to her site.
Ony eleven minutes? How will they be able to wrap up the series in eleven minutes? (I kid, I kid)
I can't stand Topher either, indeed, I think he's in need of a severe reality check. I actually wish he'd wipe himself and then overwrite his own personality, so no one else ever has to be exposed to it again. (Too harsh?)

But I have absolutely, utterly no doubt that, with the growth that time and further storytelling brings, he could very well end up becoming my favorite character.

See, I had 'vapid whore' issues with Cordelia at first. And 'bumbling idiot' perceptions of Wesley. Spike was 'just another vampire'. And by the time they'd undertaken their arcs, it turned out that I was so very, very wrong.

I just hope that Joss gets a chance to tell the tale at a pace and in a way he sees fit. Meanwhile, I am absolutely chomping at the bit for 'Man On The Street'!
I think Topher is funny. I loved when Clare asked him to pause the tape of the "man reaction" last week and he said "I will not!" all offended. Yeah hes smug, kind of a punk, morally screwed but hes still funny.

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