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March 20 2009

Last day to vote for Serenity as the new name for NASA's Node 3. We have until 4pm EDT to get in today's vote! Put Serenity in Earth's orbit!

Serenity is winning by a huge margin, but wouldn't you like to be one of the people who got NASA to name the latest part of the International Space Station after one of our favorite ships? I say one of our fav ships because the Millennium Falcon is also super-high my favorites list. So... did you vote?... How about now?

Well I did vote. And, ummm....

Am I a bad Browncoat if I wrote in "Colbert?"
No, just a sucker that isn't going to win. ;)
Last time I saw a posting of the votes tally "Colbert" write ins had overtaken Serenity but that was a few weeks back.
Which is irrelevant even if true because they aren't going to choose "Colbert". Hence, not going to win. ;)
NASA said that the don't think they'd use the write-in name Colbert because it isn't in keeping with the theme of the other parts of the space station. And they list Serenity as having 70% of the vote on their website as of right now.

Sorry Bix, I didn't see your comment.

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I dunno I think there's some kudos to getting the most votes even if the name doesn't get used. If NASA didn't want a write in name to win maybe they shouldn't have given that option in the first place?
There's been a rule in place the entire time that the vote isn't binding. It isn't an election. It's an opinion poll. The winner of the poll isn't going to automatically be the name anyway. So why not have a write-in just to have some fun with it?

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A write-in just means they're open to suggestions, not that they're necessarily going to go with whatever is suggested the most. It's actually a pretty common part of public nominations and votes for naming things. They're well aware that silliness is quite popular. As is Colbert, who has mining such opportunities for the silly down to an art form.
Oh I know it isn't binding and I look forward to Mr Colbert's outrage when he is denied his dream.
Can we get Morena to paint the Serenity name and logo on the side before it's launched? She did such a good job in the movie.
Also Kaylee should inspect the safety equipment. You never know when a compression coil may be needed.
About 6 months previously IIRC.
According to a Colbert fansite, Colbert was leading this morning with 191,742 votes as opposed to 176,808 for Serenity. But as the fansite says, "the Whedonverse is catching us fast." I love both fandoms but definitely have been voting multiple times for Serenity.
Also I think the Colbert fans are using an auto-voting thing. CHEATERS!
I think, when "Serenity" wins, Mr. Colbert should insist that Joss come on his show for a green screen duel. Or, if both "Colbert" and "Serenity" lose, Mr. Colbert should make NASA come on his show and listen to a Colbert-Whedon duet.
Votation is over and Serenity gets 70%.

Maybe this fella will have a Joss partner.
I still doubt Serenity was a reference to Firefly until Whedonesque MADE it a reference. It just fits their theme, is all.

And that's the Colbert bump for you all.
I don't think it was an intentional reference, but I also don't think they were somehow unaware until the fans started swarming. There are plenty of Browncoats at NASA. Not enough for it to be "let's put our favorite ship on the list", but enough for a fair number of them to know when they chose the name that it would get noticed because of it.
I still doubt Serenity was a reference to Firefly until Whedonesque MADE it a reference. It just fits their theme, is all.

One would beg to differ.
Oh thanks for that Simon, I'm having a crappy week and remembering the whole 'BreakingAtmo' effort just seems to make the world, nay universe, a nicer place.

And this-
Anyone want to place bets now that the next shuttle is named Serenity?! Woot!

madmolly | June 28, 06:21

- even made me smile. Well called!
Incidentally, I think the Colbert Report may have had a tiny little Whedonverse shout-out the other week. Stephen joked that the names in the poll (Earthrise, Serenity, Legacy, Venture) all sound like organic teas, which was accompanied by a Photoshopped shot of the teas in question. They used the same Papyrus font from the Serenity movie logo for the names of the teas. Might be just a coincidence, but I prefer to think one of his graphics designers is a fan sneaking a little reference in.

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