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March 20 2009

How Buffy got her martial arts groove. Apparently it was all due to Sailor Moon.

Ok by "hit movie" they really meant to say "it bombed" right? And when they call her an "executive producer" they do realise she had absolutely nothing to do with the show whatsoever and that her name in the credits was simply because she made the movie right?

They're acting (or she is acting) like she had some part in making the television show a success? And unless I'm completely wrong, I had heard she had absolutely nothing to do with the series.

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I'd be interested to see if Joss concurs with this Revisionist History version of Buffy being a
...very passive, uninspired girl.

Personally, knowing the whole genesis of the show was the subversion of the ditzy blonde cheerleader and how she was in fact a strong, empowered superhero, I'm finding it very hard to believe Kazui's version of events.

So this would make an excellent con or interview question, if the opportunity arises.
I bet expanding on the martial arts elements were her idea. There seems to be a seed of truth there. However, I highly doubt the original script cast her as a passive, uninspired girl. Plus, as was mentioned, I believe she had next to nothing to do with the series.
Don't make fun of me but I love Sailor Moon almost as much as Buffy...(seriously).
How come I don't trust kazui's take on this history at all...just because you do yoga don't mean you ain't skeevy!
Sailor Moon is awesome, but... Sailor Moon herself never used much martial arts. Jupiter did, kinda. I think Mars and Uranus might have; otherwise thats a bullshit statement.

Unless she's talking about the manga. Then I'm at sea.
I'm curious, did Buffy just stand there and chuck a stake at the Vampires whilst saying some amusing quip in the original script, or what?
Just because you do yoga don't mean you ain't skeevy!

God, I wish I had that on a bumper sticker. :)
Regardless of the veracity of Kuzui's statements, I've always believed Joss's show fall firmly into the (as far as I know entirely imaginary) category of live-action anime. Which is why people have such a hard time sticking them in the box of drama or comedy.
category of live-action anime

What does that even mean?
I won't make fun of you katetwo, I love Sailor Moon too!

Gouki my reaction when I read that was Sailor Moon used martial arts!?!?!?! I read the entire manga series and have seen the whole anime and I completely missed that!
I am female and about a month ago I started learning martial arts (karate), something I have wanted to do for ages, and yes Buffy (River too I guess) is most definitely one of the reasons for that.

I'm loving it by the way - if anyone reads this and is thinking about taking it up, stop thinking and do it now! [ETA: Sadly, I am the only female at this particular fighting gym.]

My little sister (another Joss fanatic) is not quite fit enough at the moment to do karate with me but this morning she has just gone off to the gym for a first session of yoga - I'm full of pride.

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