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March 20 2009

Firefly-inspired shirt featured on Shirt.Woot! The design came in first place in their "TV Show Titles Reinterpreted" contest.

Frankly, the design doesn't scream "Firefly" to me, but the description has some good bits. ("This shirt tells the world: 'Shirt-that-was could no longer hold me.'")

There's a close-up view on the designer's blog.

I like it...and I'm glad she won. Anyone who lives in Port Neches needs all the cheering up they can get :)
Care to explain? Do I need to feel sympathy for Texas all of a sudden?
"Burn the land and boil the sea"?

About all I could figure for what the design's trying to say.

It's spiffy, but I, like a few others, don't quite get the "Firefly vibe" when looking at it.
If I just saw the shirt I wouldn't have seen anything had they not explicitly said it was Firefly inspired. Otherwise my guess is the whole use of fireflies for the fire embers being vaguely reminiscent of the cursivey font and color scheme for the show's title. And if you squint the trees vaguely form the silhouette of a Firefly ship but I might be making that up.

Curious what the other entries looked like...
The rest of the entries are here.
Well, it's not supposed to be remeniscent of the show, just of the title.

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