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March 21 2009

(SPOILER) Press Release for Dollhouse 1x09 "Spy in the House of Love". This episode airs April 10. There's four pics from this episode as well if you're interested.

Okay, now I'm officially lost. That title came totally out of the blue.
Do you know the original name, gossi? Is it "Haunted" or "Briar Rose"? Or even "Four Engagements"?

I think the original name was "Haunted", wiesengrund.
Well, that's not necessarily true. The production code is DOL-111, I was guessing 110 for Haunted. 111, then, would be "Four Engagements". Also, we know a Ramirez-person to be in "Four Engagements", and this press release has also features one Ramirez.

ETA: But, basically, I've no clue. All guessing on my part. :)

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So another change in the airing order of the episodes? Hmm, I thought that would only apply to the more self-contained episodes before Man on the Street and once that episode airs the more mythologically oriented ones following it would be aired without any changes in their order.
The stand aloneish structure continues through Dollhouse, although the mythology evolves. I believe there are one or two episode order changes due to the production order, but that was always the plan.
I think such changes are quite usual. Dollhouse, like many other shows, shot episodes out of airing order. Meaning: This doesn't need to be any form of network meddling.
Oh, definitely. Episodes were shot out of order, and also - Joss reordered the opening episodes.
I like that title. It sounds like some exciting stuff is going to happen in this episode.
Guest cast includes "Miracle Laurie as Mellie".
I added a pics link to the entry.
Oh man, who's excited for Victor/Adelle fencing??? Because, me!
I can pretty much confirm that this episode is what was previously called "Four Engagements".
Ooo fencing.
In three weeks time the press release and photos for Omega should come out. That'll be a fun day.
Spy in the House of Love sounds like the name of an old Avengers or Prisoner episode. Kudos to who ever came up with it.
... not to mention this novel by by Ana´s Nin, which seems likely to be related, or a few other other references mentioned at the bottom of this entry.

And I'm also inclined to think there is a related biblical reference to this phrase, although I'm a bit shaky on that book.

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