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March 21 2009

Joss Whedon and the Real Girl. The Atlantic takes a look at Dollhouse through the lens of Joss' previous "uncanny understanding of female psychology".

Very canny. Very spot on on the lack of whiteness (metaphorical,not racial).
extremely well-written, and particularly notable in that the writer, though clearly a fan, is not writing this as a fan piece or about the fan phenomena of Whedon, but about the arc of how a serious issue has been treated in Whedon's work. Further, no snark to be found, and no hack reviewer's need to give us the zinger thumbs up/down ruling -- points to where the challenges in its set-up lie, acknowledges these could change/improve, and seems to reserve judgement while remaining curious. This is what criticism is supposed to do -- giving you context, suggesting the sorts of things that might contribute to the success or failure of a story, and then respectfully leaving the decision to you without any TWOP snide wankery.
agreed. also, I'm always up for a non-hating commentary on Dawn.
Excellent article! I'm always up for a phrase like "children baked into meat".
A well thought-out look at Joss's work from a slightly different perspective, I'd like to see what this reviewer thinks after last night's and next week's episodes.
A very well written article l particularly enjoyed her comparison of Joss' females of buffy and serenity to that of dollhouse it makes you think how much of our individuality is taken or how much of it we are willing 2 give up
I was going to say that Joss showed his "uncanny understanding of female psychology" by giving us shirtless Tahmoh last night, but I decided that might be tacky. :)

I like the article overall, but I completely disagree with this statement: the details of Riverís attempt to hold on to herself make her a much more complete and engaging character than the saner members of the crew. I love River, but more engaging than Mal? Not by a long shot.

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